2 m long python discovered on Hong Kong police boat

A 2 m long and 23 kg Burmese python appeared on a Hong Kong police boat and was later transferred to the sanctuary.

Hong Kong police said officers on duty on Police Boat No. 4 at Tolo Canal discovered the Burmese python at noon on November 8. According to a video circulating online, an expert tried to catch the 2-meter-long python wrapped around the deck railing. The python was eventually captured alive and handed over to professionals for handling.

2 m long python discovered on Hong Kong police boat

A Burmese python was discovered on a Hong Kong police boat on November 8. Video: SCMP.

“Officers called a snake expert on a boat to capture the Burmese python, which was then transferred to an animal organization for disposal,” Hong Kong police said.

The Burmese python is the only snake species protected in Hong Kong under the Wildlife Protection Regulation. They can grow up to 6 m in length and kill their prey by squeezing.

A police source said the python found on the canoe had been moved to Kadoorie Ranch and Botanical Garden, which has been running a conservation project since 2011 to facilitate the release of the Burmese python back into its habitat. nature. The project takes care of 130-200 Burmese pythons found each year, of which about 60% are less than 2 meters in length.

The number of Burmese pythons received by the project has increased from 146 in 2011 to 245 in 2019. According to the Hong Kong Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation, most snakes here are harmless. Cases of extremely venomous snake bites, as well as deaths from snake bites, are extremely rare.

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