9-year-old boy uses Face ID to save his family

AmericaJayline Barbosa, 9, quickly unlocked her unconscious father’s iPhone and called 911.

On October 28, Barbosa, a 4th grader in Massachusetts, was lying in bed when he heard his father screaming. She later found out that her parents and sister had fainted.

Baby Jayline Barbosa.  Photo: CNN

Baby Jayline Barbosa. Photo: CNN

Instead of panicking, Barbosa calmly took her father’s iPhone and tried to make a call, but couldn’t because it was locked. “I unlocked it by pointing the phone at my dad’s face,” he said.

After successfully opening, Barbosa called 911 emergency services. She also took her 7-year-old sister outside and asked for help from neighbors.

When the rescue team arrived, they found the amount of carbon monoxide in the house reached 1,000 parts per million – a level that can be fatal. This gas comes from a nearby generator.

Barbosa family members were taken to the hospital and have since recovered. “If it weren’t for her quick wits, we probably wouldn’t be here talking,” said Marcelina Barbosa.

Normally, the Face ID feature on iPhone requires users to open their eyes when unlocking. However, the father has turned off the “Require Attention for Face ID” feature so his phone can still be open even with his eyes closed.

Ms. Marcelina said the family uses a generator because the Brockton area has lost power for several days. However, leaving the machine in the house causes the concentration of toxic gas to increase without knowing it.

The National Weather Service recommends that people keep generators away from areas such as doors, windows and vents at least 6 meters. In addition, this organization also recommends that families should equip carbon monoxide detectors to prevent incidents.

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