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Additional investigation into the case of Youtuber Le Chi Thanh

Ho Chi Minh CityThe Procuracy asked the investigating agency to clarify many issues in YouTuber Le Chi Thanh’s accusations against the traffic police’s measure of impounding the vehicle.

On November 8, Thu Duc City Police said that it was investigating additionally against Le Chi Thanh (38 years old, former police captain of Z30D Detention Center, Thu Duc Camp, Ministry of Public Security) about his behavior. Against people on duty.

Previously, the People’s Procuracy of Thu Duc City had completed the indictment against Thanh, transferred to the court of the same level, but the file was returned, asking to clarify many issues.

Le Chi Thanh at the investigation agency.  Photo: Provided by the police

Le Chi Thanh at the investigation agency. Photo: provided by the police

The results of the previous investigation determined that on March 20, Thanh was driving a car in violation of traffic, so he was stopped and checked by the Rach Chiec Traffic Police Team Patrol Team. The former captain presented a driving license, a photocopy of the registration, so it was not accepted.

The police determined Thanh committed the following errors: not obeying the signs and instructions of the signboard; failing to present identification when requested; I don’t have a vehicle registration certificate, so I decided to keep the car.

Thanh disagrees. When the tow truck came to bring the offending car to the office, this person sat in front of his vehicle to obstruct. The incident lasted for more than 2 hours.

During 2 hours of working with the police, Thanh took the phone to livestream, protested against the requests of the functional forces and called on passersby to gather to cause insecurity.

Thanh does not allow tow trucks to violate the headquarters.  Photo: Provided by the police

Thanh does not allow tow trucks to violate the headquarters. Photo: provided by the police

Thanh lives in Binh Thuan province, temporarily resides in District 12, Ho Chi Minh City. In July 2020, this person was stripped of the title of People’s Public Security.

Thanh then went on social networks to admit that he was anti-corruption, negative and often talked about “unjust judgments”. He also drew attention when he posted videos of “monitoring traffic police on duty”, but the content showed that the cameraman had offensive and defiant behavior and words to the police.

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