Anti-epidemic application ‘cannot be done by everyone’

Some National Assembly deputies believe that epidemic prevention applications need to be deployed synchronously on a large scale, to avoid causing difficulties and frustrations for people.

During a discussion session at the National Assembly on November 9, Mr. Le Van Dung, a delegate from Quang Nam province, said that it is necessary to synchronously apply the application of technology in medical declaration and epidemic prevention to facilitate the flow of traffic. goods and people’s movement.

He mentioned the current situation of epidemic prevention technology application being deployed in the “strongly everyone can do” style. Each industry, each locality has an application to declare, no one accepts anyone’s, causing frustration for people. “I suggest drastically focusing on epidemic prevention and control, especially adaptive solutions in the new situation. Solutions must be timely, synchronous and effective, avoiding each locality doing the same, leading to confusion. needy, passive,” he said.

Many applications to support epidemic prevention have been built in Vietnam over the past time.  Photo: Luu Quy

Many applications to support epidemic prevention have been built in Vietnam over the past time. Photo: Luu Quy

Mr. Nguyen Lan Hieu, a delegate from Binh Dinh province, also commented that “the effectiveness of technology solutions is still modest compared to the potential of information technology”. According to him, the barrier of current applications is the lack of consistency and clarity in regulations and processes.

This delegate proposed to deploy informatics applications in the detection, monitoring and treatment of Covid-19 nationwide. In addition, a software acceptance committee is required before application.

“The software and application acceptance committee needs experienced and dedicated experts from the health sector, the police, the military and those who are directly involved in the fight against the epidemic. After the test is complete, it needs to be deployed. synchronous declaration on a large scale, avoiding the phenomenon of head and tail of a mouse,” said Mr. Hieu.

He suggested taking simple and broad criteria in technology application. “Simply so that any citizen can use it, the data loading time is the shortest. Wide open is able to integrate with the software that has been, is and will be deployed in the future”, he said.

In fact, in Vietnam in the past two years, more than 10 epidemic prevention applications have been posted to application stores such as Bluezone, VHD, Ncovi, VNeID, not to mention local applications such as Hue-S, Health According to a leader in the information and communication industry, this number is large, but it does not mean that users have to install all. Among them, there are also a number of applications launched by departments and localities to serve their own operations. Users are recommended to install 2-3 applications related to medical declaration and vaccination.

By the end of September, the PC-Covid application was born, integrating the features of most previous applications. In October, PC-Covid was also deployed in many provinces and cities nationwide.

During the meeting on October 16, the Ministry of Information and Communications, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Public Security agreed that PC-Covid is the only application for epidemic prevention. VNeID application and electronic health book are still used in the long term, in which VNeID serves to identify and authenticate people and is managed by the Ministry of Public Security, and electronic health book – an application to manage health information public health, including vaccination data – managed by the Ministry of Health.

Luu Quy

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