Application to find the way by sky train in Hanoi

BusMap offers route suggestions, including Cat Linh – Ha Dong railway, for users to choose the appropriate route.

To use, users download the BusMap application on iOS or Android. When selecting the Hanoi area, the application proposes to download the map data of this area. In the latest version, the data has more options to travel by Metro 2A: Cat Linh – Ha Dong.

When entering the destination and departure point, the application offers a number of travel options for users to compare. If there is a suitable route for traveling by elevated rail, BusMap will suggest using this, along with estimated time and cost.

Users have more options to travel by Metro when finding their way on BusMap.  Photo: Luu Quy

Users have more options to travel by Metro when finding their way on BusMap. Photo: Luu Quy

Since public transports such as trains and buses have fixed stops and may not be close to the user’s departure/destination point, the app also suggests ways to get to these points, such as walking, walking. connecting bus, or call a ride-hailing service.

For example, if there is a need to go from Duy Tan (Cau Giay) to Yen Nghia (Ha Dong) by train, the application will instruct as follows: walk 400 meters to the nearest bus stop, from there take the bus. Bus number 05 to Ring 3 station to board the tram and move to Yen Nghia station. At Yen Nghia station, users can order Grab to get to their destination.

Each route is visually displayed on the map, with information about distance, stops, time and estimated costs. In addition, the application also offers other options, such as bus or rapid bus BRT if you want to reduce walking time or distance.

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The application displays the times, costs and stops.

According to Mr. Le Anh Son, the developer of BusMap, one of the initial difficulties for users when taking the train in particular and public transport in general is not knowing how to move, which station to get off. right place with optimal time and cost. “The App will help calculate these factors and make choices quickly,” Mr. Son said.

According to the developer, BusMap’s roadmap is based on three factors: convenience when using the vehicle, optimizing time and encouraging people to use public transport. Therefore, the suggestions often revolve around means of transport such as trains, buses, and express buses.

Mr. Son also said that in the near future, the application will add the option of traveling in combination with personal vehicles, so that users can ride and park at the station (if there is a parking space), then move on by car. Metro.

BusMap, released in 2014, is considered a smart public transport solution in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Da Nang cities. On the Play Store, the app recorded more than one million downloads. BusMap developer Phenikaa Mass used to be a provider of free Covid-19 maps for many provinces and cities across the country.

In addition to BusMap, another application, Google Maps, also supports users in making travel plans with public transport, such as buses, express buses. However, Google’s system does not have the option to go by sky train in Vietnam.

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