BMW cars do not have a touch screen because of a lack of chips

AmericaA series of models of the German car brand when arriving to customers will not have an infotainment screen, from series 3 to X7 and Z4.

The global component crisis has not stopped affecting the auto industry. The latest is that some new BMW models will not have a touch screen.

According to a forum post Bimmerfest, in an effort to maintain current production, the models arriving to customers without touch screens include: series 3, series 4 (excluding i4 electric cars), X5, X6, X7 and Z4.

“This measure is the result of supply chain problems across the industry, which are impacting car production worldwide and causing limitations on the availability of certain features or options.” BMW representative told Edmunds on 4/11.

Touch screens on a range of models, like the 3 series, will disappear due to a lack of chips.  Photo: Motor1

Touch screens on a range of models, like the 3 series, will disappear due to a lack of chips. Photo: Motor1

Follow Bimmerfest, customers affected by this change will have a sticker with their own code on the glass door, which is listed in the “missing touch screen” category. This results in a $500 reduction in the suggested retail price.

Besides the touch screen, everything in the iDrive system still works as usual, including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity. Customers will have to operate iDrive via the voice control system or via the control button in the center console.

In addition, vehicles equipped with the Park Assist Package will not have BMW’s reverse assist feature. This technology helps to remember the latest distance of the journey (about a few hundred meters) and automatic steering helps reverse the car, while the driver controls the brakes and throttle.

It is not clear how long BMW models will suffer from the equipment shortage, and if any more of its products will suffer the same fate. However, not only BMW, many other automakers are also affected by chip shortages, from selling cars without equipment to suspending production waiting for components.

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