Car leaks like a ‘cottage’ – the reverse side of the sunroof

The sunroof is a favorite equipment for many drivers, but the specifics of the environment in Vietnam make this part sometimes “anti-owner”.

Nguyen Nam, Hanoi uses a car with a sunroof, which often takes a while to open on weekdays. Thinking that this door would be okay, one day he panicked when he discovered his car was full of water under the floor of the driver’s seat.

Water leaked to the floor of the car.

Water leaked to the floor of the car. Photo: Doan Dung

The amount of water was small at first, so he thought it might have been spilled or wet. However, the rain lasted for many days, the water on the floor kept filling up, so Nam found it unusual. After 2-3 days of self-study but did not find the cause, he took the car to the garage for medical examination. “Doctor” reports: water is leaking into the car due to blocked sunroof drain pipe.

To deal with the amount of rainwater falling into the gap between the sunroof and the body, the manufacturer creates a drain pipe that connects to the drain pipe running along the body. This type of drain is similar to that of a home air conditioner. Over time, a lot of dirt clings to the slot, the tube causes a blockage, water along this way overflows, flows down the exit slot inside the car and gradually soaks into the floor of the car. According to technicians, in some cases water will soak in the door area before flowing into drops on the floor. But in some cases, it will not make a mark, but will flow straight down.

The car owner can check by pouring water back into the outlet slot, if the water overflows, the pipe may be clogged. For the sunroof, cleaning at home is not too difficult.

In Vietnam, clogged drain pipes are a common problem with the sunroof causing cars to leak, besides another problem is the aging and worn sunroof gasket, which also causes water to seep into the car. Hot and humid weather conditions all year round, large amount of dust in the environment is the root cause of these problems.

Diagram of drainage slot on car.

Diagram of drainage slot on car.

The consequences of water leakage through the sunroof drain is to cause moisture to the roof of the car, damage to the electrical equipment going underground in the door and body.

According to technical staff, if not from the sunroof, the car can leak from the door or trunk position. Water can also seep from the antenna, but this is quite rare.

Fixing this error will cost 100,000-300,000 VND, depending on the level of the error. Usually, a technician will use a soft brush with bristles or spikes to clean it, and a specialized cleaning solution can be used to remove dirt thoroughly. With aging rubber, the only way to change.

According to recommendations from experts, the sunroof should be cleaned after 1-3 months depending on the weather characteristics of the place to move, to avoid stagnant water or sandy soil in the areas around this location.

Car owners should not be subjective with the situation of seepage or leakage in the car cabin, because if left for a long time, it can affect the electrical system and operation of the vehicle. The cost to fix when the car is heavily soaked can be very large.

Water can leak into the roof of the car.

Water can leak into the roof of the car.

Doan Dung

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