Choose a light source for the home according to the owner’s personality

If you like luxury, you should display candlesticks, and if you want to show your adventurous personality, choose neon lights.

Every detail in the house has the ability to speak to the owner’s personality, including lighting equipment.

Candlesticks show elegance and drama. Not only suitable for classical style houses, candlesticks can also be placed in modern and minimalist style homes to create accents and show the owner’s different thinking and personality.

The solution to get passive light through the skylight is for those who like modern but modest. The light through the skylight also changes with the weather and time, so it is a great choice for homeowners who want to be close to nature.

If you are adventurous and creative, choose neon lights. This type of lamp is also especially suitable for interior spaces in dark colors and brings a sense of nostalgia.

The fireplace symbolizes reunion, warmth. They invite family members to gather together, so they are often chosen by homeowners who value intimacy for their home. The fireplace also evokes the senses, so it is suitable for those who like to enjoy simple things.

Currently on the market there are many types of decorative fireplaces, using images of electricity or steam combined with light, suitable for Vietnam’s climate.

String lights make the space more poetic. It gives off a soft light, so it is often chosen by people with a playful personality. In order to keep the home space from being “childish”, homeowners should choose less decorative wires and small light bulbs.

Thu Nguyet (Follow Insider)

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