Chow Yun Fat: Suffering and Liberation

The wife of actor Chau Nhuan Phat was pregnant in 1991, but the baby died in the womb when she was nine months old.

Above Beijing Youth Daily, the Hong Kong actor said that at the age of sixty, he was more energetic than in his twenties: “I feel stronger, my limbs are more agile and very happy. I feel that I am more flexible now than in the decade of the decade. 1980s”.

Chow Yun Fat (left) selfie with a member of his climbing team in March. Photo: On

Chow Yun Fat (left) selfie with a member of his climbing team in March. Photo: On

When asked the secret to a happy mood, Chau Nhuan Phat said life is always full of pain and happiness, he learned to appreciate the small things, the moments of peace. For him, just being healthy and pain-free is a big blessing. The actor does not use social networks, so he used to use a “brick” Nokia phone for nearly 20 years until it broke. He did not need to know too much information, instead, learned to listen to the sound of his heart.

At the age of 66, “healthy as a buffalo”, can work intensely, but Chow Yun Fat slows down his life. The actor chose the script carefully, filming slower and more demanding in each film. He said that until now, he has not stopped working, still has the motivation to make money. “I do not work to earn money to send to charity. The motivation to work comes from a passion for cinema,” said the actor.

The actor once heard a doctor lecture on the Chinese character Shang (上). Upper means above. People have the will to progress, self-development is a good thing. But at some point, they stopped, meaning the word Chi (止). Add a horizontal stroke on the word Just to make the word Main (正). The point of this doctor is that human life goes through three stages: seeking to go up, stopping to think and summarizing, and finally attaining righteous results.

Chow Yun-fat in Shanghai (2010).  He left his mark with the image of a romantic hero through works such as The Bund, Than Bai, Heroic Identity... Photo: Wxkol

Chow Yun-fat in the movie “Shanghai” (2010). He left his mark with the image of a romantic hero through works such as “Ben Shanghai”, “Than Bai”, “Hero’s identity”… Photo: Wxkol

Chow Yun Fat said he is still in the Upper stage. The actor himself claimed to be less educated, sometimes reading the script, but did not understand the knowledge and meaning in it and had to ask others. He learned many things from the movies he acted in. In Crouching Tiger Hidden DragonChow Nhuan Phat’s favorite radio from: “Hold your hand, you have nothing. Open your hand, you have it all”. That statement prompted Chow Yun Fat to learn how to open his heart to many things.

Chow Yun Fat: Suffering and Liberation

Chow Yun Fat and Zhang Ziyi’s martial arts scene in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. Video: Youku

When his wife – Tran Hoi Lien – became pregnant in 1991, Chau Nhuan Phat was getting ready to welcome a daughter. A week before the due date, the baby died in the womb because the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck. The doctor suggested caesarean section, but Tran Hoi Lien was determined to give birth naturally, experiencing the same pain as many mothers, except that she couldn’t hear her baby’s cry. Seven years later, she lived in gloom, mentally unstable. Chow Yun Fat moves house, avoids letting his wife remember the memories of pregnancy. He chose to face the situation, optimistically to help his wife. “Things will be worse if both of us are in pain. I can only encourage my wife. As for me, the simpler way to relieve my mind is to climb mountains, exercise. Perhaps the most important thing. , I’m a very optimistic person,” Chow Yun-fat said at talkshow Make an appointment with Lu Xue 2018.

Thanks to her husband’s encouragement and companionship, Tran Hoi Lien gradually stopped thinking much about her pain. She said: “Giving that love and enthusiasm to others, isn’t it the same. There are many children next to me.” Husband and wife have the same view of life as being good to their parents, responsible, and satisfied with what they have because the more greedy they are, the more unhappy they are.

After losing her child, Chau Nhuan Phat decided not to have a baby, to avoid letting his wife suffer more troubles. The couple is like a picture with a shadow, sticking in work and everyday life. Tran Hoi Lien, as a manager, helps her husband thrive in his career.

Chau Nhuan Phat and his wife, Tran Hoi Lien.  Photo: Sina

Chau Nhuan Phat and his wife, Tran Hoi Lien. Photo: Sina

Living in a world of vanity for many years, Chau Nhuan Phat realized in his heart that he was aiming for a life like his childhood: peaceful and simple, poor but happy. His family struggled, he worked as a hired worker since he was a teenager, worked as a postman, worker, salesman… Those experiences deeply influenced the actor’s treatment of people. Follow Mpweekly, Bruce Lee – Chow Yun Fat’s former manager, now CEO of an entertainment company – said the actor was never arrogant, treated everyone the same, regardless of his status. At the studio, Chau Nhuan Phat always politely greets janitors, chefs, backstage staff, colleagues…

No matter where he goes, everyone calls the actor Anh Phat, respecting the actor. Bruce Lee said: “He is the only star who can go anywhere without being provoked, provoked, or scrutinized by anyone.” The image of a romantic hero on screen combined with Chau Nhuan Phat’s humble and simple lifestyle, helps him become a unique “Anh Phat” in the hearts of the audience.

Chow Yun Fat God Cards

Chow Yun Fat in the movie “God Card”. Video: Golden Harvest

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