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Do My Truc dropped out of school after the scandal with Ngo Diep Pham

ChinaFemale student Do My Truc dropped out of university and left Beijing after having an affair with singer and actress Ngo Yi Fan.

On November 8, on her personal page, the 19-year-old girl responded to rumors that she was expelled from Communication University of China. My Truc said she voluntarily applied to withdraw from school because she wanted to leave Beijing, which made her depressed. My Truc posted a photo of the application form and a chat with the teacher as proof that she was not expelled.

Currently, Do My Truc is being treated for depression, she hopes to soon be relieved and peaceful so that she can focus on studying and taking the exam to another university. Follow 163, a female student currently in Shanghai.

Ngo Diep Pham and Do My Truc.  Photo: 163

Ngo Diep Pham and Do My Truc. Photo: 163

After Ngo Diep Pham was arrested at the end of July, Do My Truc received two opinions. Many people praised her for being brave when exposing the male singer, encouraging her to overcome psychological obstacles while hundreds of thousands of others criticized her for being greedy and spoiled.

In June, female student My Truc continuously posted articles denouncing Ngo Diep Pham’s side for tricking her into “getting into bed”. After that, the two dated for a few months but the male singer abandoned her to be with someone else. According to Do My Truc, Ngo Diep Pham also anesthetized, raped many other girls, and had sex with minors.

The 31-year-old singer has been in criminal detention since July 31 on suspicion of rape. By mid-August, the People’s Procuratorate of Chaoyang District, Beijing, approved the arrest of Wu Yifan, he was not bailed.

Fans cheering for Ngo Diep Pham in 2017

Fans cheered for Wu Yifan in 2017, he was once the top traffic star in China, so far he has lost all his social media accounts, and his work has been removed on video platforms. Video: Iqiyi

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