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Doctor cries while reading patient’s handwritten letter

In the heart of the Saigon epidemic, Doctor Dinh Xuan Thuy burst into tears when he read words of encouragement from a pediatric patient in his hometown of Lai Chau.

One morning in mid-September, doctor Dinh Xuan Thuy’s phone kept reporting messages. In the group chat, colleagues are sharing and discussing drawings and handwritten letters of children participating in the contest “For a Vietnam that will surely win”. In the midst of many emotional letters from children sent to the frontline, Dr. Thuy stopped at one letter. He read and shed tears.

The letter read: “Sending Lai Chau province doctors to fight epidemics in the South. How are the aunts and uncles fighting the epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City? Are you too tired? Whenever I see the image of doctors day and night fighting against the epidemic under the summer sun in sweaty protective suits, I am very touched. It was even more choked to see the aunts and uncles on TV trying to help people in the midst of the epidemic season. There you must miss your family very much…

A touching letter from Lu Thi Thu Thao, Lai Chau.

A touching letter from Lu Thi Thu Thao.

Doctor Dinh Xuan Thuy recognized the letter as belonging to 15-year-old Lu Thi Thu Thao. I am a patient being treated at Lai Chau Provincial General Hospital, where Dr. Thuy works. It’s been more than two months since he entered Ho Chi Minh City to help fight the epidemic, and the letter has become a great spiritual encouragement to him and his colleagues.

“The letter is so rustic, simple but full of emotion. I couldn’t hold back my tears when I read it and promised myself to make more efforts and determination to do my job well,” said Dr. Thuy.

Two months in Ho Chi Minh City is considered by him to be the most unforgettable time in his life. August, September is the peak of the epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City with a very high number of daily infections. The giant “mountain of work” is enough to erode anyone’s health. From Lai Chau to the South, Mr. Thuy’s delegation also received a weather shock. The scorching heat made the doctors suffocated to pass out in protective suits. More than half of the people in the group were also not familiar with the taste of Southern food.

Doctor Hoa and children are treated at the hospital.  Photo NVCC

Doctor Hoa and children are treated at the hospital. Photo: NVCC

The difficulty is that, but all consider contributing to the fight against the epidemic as a rare honor in life. The motivation is even greater when looking at the pictures and handwritten letters of children like Thao sent to the front lines against the epidemic.

“Two months in Ho Chi Minh City I have so many memories. For me, your heart is the greatest spiritual gift for medical workers during this difficult time. I know behind each picture is a story. about their difficult circumstances, I hope they always have the courage and will to continue writing their future”, said Dr. Thuy.

Wiping away tears as he read the letter, he called back to Lai Chau and received news that Thao had passed the exam to the provincial boarding school. Wearing a protective suit quickly, Doctor Thuy continued to work that day, but always had a smile on her face and an indescribable joy.

The picture of Vietnam is sure to win by a pediatric patient at Hue Central Hospital.

The painting “Vietnam is sure to win” by a pediatric patient at Hue Central Hospital.

Master, Doctor Nguyen Thi Kim Hoa, Deputy Head of the Department of Pediatric Oncology, Hue Central Hospital, has recently encouraged children to participate in the contest “For a Vietnam that will surely win”. Doctor Hoa believes that this is a meaningful activity that creates joy and helps children become more optimistic.

However, I myself did not expect them to be able to create captivating, emotional and meaningful works. Among these, a letter from 8-year-old Nguyen Tuyet Nhi touched the female doctor. Nhi is a blood cancer patient and orphaned by her parents, so Doctor Hoa always gives her special affection. I write simple lines”I hope you guys take care of your health, to try to fight the covid-19 epidemic, and bring our country back to peace and safety as always. I believe you guys can do it“.

Besides Tuyet Nhi, many other children at Hue Central Hospital also participated in the contest. Looking at the image of the children working hard, refining each word, each stroke, Hoa feels choked. “There are many children who have just given chemotherapy and then draw. I can see the joy in them. They have innocence but are very emotional, especially with the medical team,” the female doctor shared.

As someone who has spent many years beside encouraging and taking care of children, Doctor Hoa knows that they are “warriors” who never give up. Even though they have to fight illness every day, the children at Hue Central Hospital are still full of desire, energy and love for life.

The female doctor always holds a special place in the hearts of children. The innocence, optimism and energy of the pediatric patients help her to be more confident when working. “The children’s smiles are a priceless gift to me,” the doctor affirmed.

“For a Vietnam to win” is a painting and literary contest for children with cancer, fatal diseases, Agent Orange, disabled, disabled, autistic and orphans. Among thousands of entries, there are many paintings and handwritten letters sent from children who are being treated at hospitals across the country… Readers can buy their paintings to support them here.

The contest was co-organized by the Sun of Hope Program (formerly Mr. Sun), the Hope Foundation and Foreign Trade University, VnExpress; VTV Digital sponsors the media. The companion unit of Vietnam Post Corporation (Vietnam Post) – a national postal enterprise assigned by the State to provide public postal services nationwide.

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