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Evening dress of ‘A beautiful woman has one in 4,000 years’

Cuc Tinh Y, known as “a beautiful woman with only one in 4,000 years”, loves sequin evening gowns, cup-shaped or floating designs.

Tinh Y shows off a photo of Movous Couture’s floating dress on her personal Weibo. She created a stylish accent with a matching tiara, chocker and black gloves.

Cuc Tinh Y shows off her busty dress

Cuc Tinh Y posed with a long dress sweeping the ground, the video received more than six million views. Video: Weibo Ju Jing Yi

She transformed into a muse with a La Cava Primera bridal gown, a rhinestone hairband, Nana Jacqueline necklace and Hefang butterfly earrings.

At the 27th Bach Ngoc Lan Awards ceremony on June 10, the actress wore the latest design in Cocoon’s Spring Summer collection, pressing on the velvet bow tie. Rings and earrings of the brand Pomellato.

On June 7, Tinh Y (right) attended the Thap Quang classic award ceremony with a floating dress by Bu Design, a necklace, ring and Chopard earrings.

On the red carpet Weibo Night in Shanghai (China) – an event for influential people on the Weibo social network – on February 28, Tinh Y (left) posed with an emerald green sequin dress in Tadashi Shoji’s Fall Winter 2020 collection.

Cuc Tinh Y shows off her figure with prom beams

Tinh Y poses with an umbrella at the event. Video: Ju Jing Yi studio

On the New Year’s Eve party on February 12, Tinh Y chose a bridal dress by Bu Design, wearing Tasaki stone jewelry. Many Weibo users commented that the floating design did not suit the actor’s physique. Above Baidu, the actress declared her height 1.59 m, but many viewers thought that she was only about 1.5 m.

When performing at the event, she changed to a turquoise design by Bu Design. Follow Ettoday, the Japanese media once called her “a beautiful woman we haven’t met in 4,000 years”, then used by many Chinese-language newspapers, causing controversy. Cuc Tinh Y’s fans complimented her beautiful, perfect face while many people think that the actress’s beauty is mediocre.

She promoted the floating cup dress of Selene Chow in the program at the end of October 2020. She accentuated her look with a necklace and earrings studded with Joomi Lim brand stones.

At the music awards event in July 2020, the beauty showed off her bare shoulders with a Movous Couture dress, a Hefang necklace and YvMin earrings.

Attending the elegant oriental party in July 2020, Cuc Tinh Y wore a square-neck sequin dress from Muse Marry’s Spring Summer 2020 collection, wearing YvMin large earrings and pearl hairpins.

Chinese stars have been on stage many times with multi-style dresses and designs from Queen’s Palace fashion house. In recent years, the cast has been more careful in choosing costumes. Before that, she often got into trouble wearing fake, poor quality clothes.

Ju Jingyi was born in 1994 in Sichuan, China, debuted with the idol group SNH48 in 2013. She used to play a role. Nine Chau Thien failed, Van Xi story, Legend of Tan Bach Nuong Tu, Beautiful student, Nhu Y Phuong Phi, Let’s love each other under the full moon

Thien Lam (Photo: Weibo Ju Jing Yi, Ju Jing Yi studio)

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