Galaxy Z Fold3 compares camera with iPhone 13 Pro Max, S21 Ultra

The S21 Ultra has a 108-megapixel camera while the Z Fold3 and iPhone 13 Pro Max have many similar parameters.

Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, iPhone 13 Pro Max and Galaxy Z Fold3 5G are today’s top-rated high-end smartphones in terms of cameras. In particular, S21 Ultra is slightly better in terms of specifications than the other two products. Z Fold3 may be strong in unique design while iPhone 13 Pro Max is in simplicity, ease of use and stability.

Z Fold3 and iPhone 13 Pro Max have the same 3 main camera parameters, telephoto and ultra-wide are all 12 megapixels. Apple’s mobile is slightly better in terms of 3x telephoto lens than 2x optical zoom, the main aperture is f/1.5 compared to f/1.8. Galaxy S21 Ultra features a 108-megapixel main camera, 10x telephoto with optical zoom.

In outdoor conditions, clear air, photos taken by S21 Ultra have the best detail, freshest and most accurate colors. The iPhone 13 Pro Max is slightly yellowish while the Z Fold3 handles blue sky tones more clearly.

In indoor conditions, white balance continues to be the big difference between the three machines. The iPhone is more inclined to the warm, yellowish color gamut, the S21 Ultra is more neutral, and the Z Fold3 is a bit more inclined to the cold, greenish gray color. In this scene, the color of the iPhone proved darker than the two competitors.

In low-light conditions indoors, all three cameras automatically turn on the dark mode and require the user to press the button to hold the camera firmly for a few seconds. S21 Ultra handles best when the image is very low noise, neutral colors. The iPhone 13 Pro Max handles the contrast a bit too much, losing background details under the vase and slightly yellowing. The Z Fold3 photo is brighter, but the detail is slightly worse than the S21 Ultra.

The test of capturing many colors under room lighting conditions shows that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is “sensitive” to red and blue, which is slightly darker than in reality. S21 Ultra gives the most true color tones compared to when seen with the naked eye. The detail of the three machines is not too different.

In low-light shooting conditions, the iPhone 13 Pro Max continues to produce quite heavy yellow images, more noise and high contrast. Dark areas lose visible detail. The Z Fold3 is slightly better on white balance, but details aren’t significantly better. The best is still the S21 Ultra with bright colors, good white balance.

With 10x zoom level at first glance on all 3 machines there is no difference, but when zoomed in, the detail on the S21 Ultra is significantly better. iPhone 13 Pro Max handles colors slightly better, bold, so the feeling of detail is also quite good.

In another situation, turning on 10x zoom on three machines with little detail, the difference was not significant. The Z Fold3 and iPhone 13 Pro Max tend to push the tone darker while the S21 Ultra is a bit lighter.

Testing the super wide-angle camera also produces different tones. iPhone 13 Pro Max is often yellow, but with this angle, the image feels a bit blue and the color separation is not clear. The dark areas are also much different from the light areas. The Z Fold3 is again the model with the best color handling in this scene.

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