Hokkaido’s most beautiful sea of ​​clouds

JapanLocated at an altitude of 1,088 m above sea level, Unkai Terrace attracts visitors all year round because it often has a sea of ​​white clouds as beautiful as a fairyland.

Unkai Terrace is a famous cloud viewing area in Hinoshi Resorts Tomamu, Hokkaido island, northern Japan. The luxury resort is located at an altitude of 1,088 m, surrounded by mountains and forests, where visitors can enjoy and relax amidst the vast nature of Hokkaido. Photo: jw-webmagazine

Unkai in Japanese means “sea of ​​clouds” and as the name suggests, Unkai Terrace is a place where visitors can admire the clouds overflowing on the tops of mountains floating like waves. This area has welcomed visitors since 2006 and has become the most beautiful cloud hunting spot in Hokkaido. Photo: pop-japan

The sea of ​​clouds is near and appears continuously, so standing at Unkai Terrace makes you feel like you are floating or you can walk, reaching out to the magical clouds. Photo: awesome.blog

This area has many beautiful places for visitors to take pictures and watch the clouds such as a balcony with a restaurant, a Cloud Walk, a giant terrace chair, a Cloud Pool, a Cloud Bed, a Cloud Bar. The weather conditions that make you most likely to encounter the sea of ​​clouds here are clear skies, light winds from the night before until dawn, and sudden cold in the morning. Photo: risonare

On the picture is the Cloud Walk cloud viewing bridge dating from 2015. The bridge is located on the mountainside jutting out into the valley, overlooking different directions and in the position closest to the sea of ​​clouds. Photo: awesome.blog

Cloud Bar has been open since summer 2019, the seats are made up to 3m high, there are double and single seats, enough room for up to 7 people to sit at a time. Simulating a bar table overlooking the sea of ​​clouds, at night this is also an ideal viewing point and not too crowded. Photo: japan.travel

Sea of ​​clouds and sunrise at Unkai Terrace balcony area. Guests staying at the resort can visit and check-in the cloud viewing spots free of charge. For visitors from other places, they need to buy cable car tickets priced at 1,200 – 1,900 yen/person depending on age (240,000 – 380,000 VND). In addition to watching clouds, visitors can eat and drink at restaurants, cafes, walk to the top of Tomamu, or come here to ski in winter and spring. Photo: sho16k/Instagram

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