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Husband and wife often cold war

My wife and I are the same age, have been in love for nine years and have been married for six years, have a four-year-old son. My husband works in a government agency, I run a freelance business.

He is often away from home, so I take care of everything in the family. He also loves his wife and children but is not interested and psychologically, not the type of man in the family. Every time he comes home, he doesn’t help his wife with the housework, I ask him to do it, but sometimes he seems annoyed. Our married life has not had any major events except that the husband and wife often argue over small things, mainly because I often blame and want him to pay more attention to his wife and children. Each time he would get mad and think I was too demanding.

He went to work and gave me a salary, I could buy whatever he wanted. However, I always feel that the spiritual life of the couple is poor and dry. I think there’s something wrong with this marriage, I’ve told him many times but he just ignores it. It is especially common for us to be husband and wife or cold war. After arguing, no one told anyone, the first time lasted 1-2 days, then a whole week, a whole month. Each time, I usually take the initiative to make peace because I initiated it, or because he was able to go home, the husband and wife met, so the story was resolved.

Gradually, the quarreling and cold war happened too much, I felt tired, didn’t want to say anything, didn’t know what to say, so I just let it go. You too, this epidemic has not been back for five months; The reason just revolved around the fact that I said that he was interested in and psychologically with his wife, the purpose of which was for her husband to listen to my thoughts. Who expected him to react: “Come on, find someone else, say you’re tired all the time, I’m tired too. Life is tiring enough and we still have to fight each other”. He said that I always think I am right, so are you. I don’t know if I’m doing anything wrong but hearing my husband say that makes me sad and can only keep quiet; The couple did not say anything to anyone.

More and more I see this marriage deadlocked and problematic, my wife and I both have high egos. I thought: “If I don’t bring happiness to my husband, I can’t ask him to bring me happiness, never mind, get a divorce”. What should I do now?


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