I chose the wrong husband again

I got married a second time after leaving my adulterous husband. With my previous husband, I had a baby girl.

The idea that this marriage only needs a gentle and hardworking person, regardless of how rich or poor, did not expect him to be involved in online gambling. I do honest business, since I was a child, although my family has conditions, I always think that labor is happiness, I have to strive hard to do business. I built my own career, a little success, a small fortune based on myself. My husband came to my mother and daughter with nothing in hand: no property, no career, little salary, so I told him to come and work with me.

We work together very well, he supports everything and knows how to find customers. Then he lied to me to gamble online and lost 30 million dong. I was quite shocked because since I was a child, I have almost never been exposed to evils such as gambling, drugs… I forgive him that time, but after giving birth, I discovered that he was secretly gambling and borrowing hot interest. 50 million dong. I decided to get a divorce, but I thought I had just given birth, and then both sides of the family spoke up and helped him pay the debt. Recently, I knew he was playing stealthily, but I didn’t know how much debt he owed, and my confidence collapsed. My husband and I argued constantly, making me feel unstable and not focused on work.

I decided to divorce and not let him work with me anymore. He stayed at home all day, didn’t find a job or do anything to help me. I have filed an application, waiting for the court to decide. Our property is undisputed; Before the wedding, I said that he signed a pledge of his own property, so there were not many problems. What I wonder is that after the divorce, if he has debts to the gangsters, will they bother me and my children? My two children are young, so I am very afraid that they will be affected. Am I too drastic when I don’t give my children a complete family? Thanks everyone.


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