‘I have enough money to buy a new car for 2 billion, but I still go for the 2008 Civic’

I could afford to buy a new car, but ended up buying a used car online.

Reading the article ‘Used cars – no good cars but cheap’, I also want to talk about my experience of buying a used car.In 2018 I bought a 2008 Honda Civic 2.0 on the internet. At that time, I had enough money to buy a car. The new car is priced at 1 billion, but after discussing, my husband and I decided to buy the old car for 360 million.Buy the car, I replaced some aging details such as belts and rubber under the car, the cost. about 10 million. After that, I also bought a few more toys for the car and changed the oil for a few million more. After a while, I repainted the car for another 8 million.

Since buying this car, I regularly maintain genuine for peace of mind. The maintenance process is almost only oil change and some wear parts. Buying a used car requires luck to buy a good car, but unfortunately, if you have to buy a sick car, you don’t know how much to repair.

So far, the car is still running smoothly. Currently, I go to the car registration every 6 months, I find this is not a problem because my house is near the Registration Center. I have no intention of changing the car even though my current economic ability allows me to buy a new car for about 2 billion.

Personally, I find this Honda Civic line to go very well, I have installed a screen, a dash cam, a reverse camera, a cruise control. This car itself already has a steering wheel shifter and automatic mirror folding, so I think that is enough.

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