iPhone 13 is still out of stock after half a month of opening

The demand to buy iPhone 13 has not cooled down while the goods are dripping, making the Pro series versions always in short supply in Vietnam.

Ordered iPhone 13 Pro Max 256 GB on the opening day of October 22, but two weeks have passed, Duc Thinh (Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh City) has not received the device. “According to an appointment, the store will deliver the device to me at the end of October. But then, they said the goods were not enough, so they made an appointment a week later. Two days ago, they told me that the blue version I wanted to buy was not available this time. The store suggested switching to the copper gold version or continuing to wait for the next batch,” Thinh said.

On the iPhone user groups, many people also reflect the same situation. Ngoc Hoa (Hoang Mai, Hanoi) said: “From the date of ordering to the expected delivery date, I have to wait three weeks to have the device”.

iPhone 13 is constantly sold out

Inside an authorized Apple dealer in Vietnam. Photo: Khuong Nha

According to Mr. Pham Tuan Anh, representative of ShopDunk system, one of the reasons why the iPhone 13 is in short supply is due to the small amount of devices arriving.

“According to the plan, there will be a shipment of goods to Vietnam in early November, but the actual number of machines is much lower than the system’s demand, not enough to pay the customer’s deposit in advance. Newly imported goods can only meet about 20 % compared to expected”, Mr. Tuan Anh said.

In addition, the distribution rate is uneven and not in accordance with the requirements of retailers. For example, there is a batch, the imported machine has only 13 Pro Max 128 GB, while the demand for the 256 GB version is higher. Another time, iPhone 13 shipments are mostly white and pink only very few.

According to Ms. Hoang Tam, representative of Hoang Ha Mobile system, after more than two weeks of opening for sale, the interest in iPhone 13 has not shown any sign of cooling down, customers are still placing orders. “As of November 5, the stock of goods in the warehouse can only meet 12-15% of demand, so the delivery time can last until the end of the year,” Ms. Tam said.

Recorded at systems, iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are “sold out”. In addition, the pink iPhone 13 and 13 mini versions are also in short supply.

Minh Tuan Mobile system explained: “The general mentality of Vietnamese people is to want to experience the most advanced iPhones, so the Pro series is always in a state of having as much as it can.”

To cool down, some dealers offer discounts on existing models such as the white iPhone 13 and 13 mini. “In addition, we have to plan to divide customers ordering in stages to proactively make appointments and return phones as soon as possible,” a representative of Minh Tuan Mobile said.

Some retail systems said that the shortage of iPhone 13 could last until the end of the year. However, product prices remained stable, not increased when the supply was in short supply.

Mr. Nguyen The Kha, Director of Mobile Telecommunications Division of FPT Shop, predicts that more iPhone 13 may return to Vietnam by the end of November. In the last 3 months of the year, the purchasing power of iPhone 13 will continue to grow and will reach sales more than double that of iPhone 12 in the same period last year.

Khuong Nha

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