‘Made in Vietnam’ satellite is about to enter orbit

After three delays due to weather and technical reasons, Vietnam’s NanoDragon satellite will fly into space this morning along with 8 other satellites in Japan.

'Made in Vietnam' satellite is about to enter orbit

Video: Xuan Duong, Graphics: JAXA

Vietnam’s satellite will be launched by the Epsilon 5 rocket at the Uchinoura Space Center launch site, Kagoshima Prefecture (Japan) in the program “Innovative Satellite Technology Demonstration-2”. Estimated launch time is at 9:48 to 9:59 (ie 7:48 to 7:59, Hanoi time).

NanoDragon satellite was developed with the aim of demonstrating that it is possible to use micro-satellite beam technology to receive automatic identification of ships (AIS) to track and monitor vehicles at sea. The NanoDragon satellite is expected to operate in a solar synchronous orbit at an altitude of about 560 km.

NanoDragon is 100% researched, designed and manufactured in Vietnam. The product is in the development roadmap of the “Made in Vietnam” small satellite of the Vietnam Space Center (VNSC) of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, according to the “Strategy for development and application of science and technology”. space technology until 2030″ approved by the Prime Minister on February 4, 2021.

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