Manh Quynh: ‘My wife encouraged me to calm down when Phi Nhung passed away’

AmericaManh Quynh said his wife – Cam Dieu – encouraged him to overcome his sadness when his best friend Phi Nhung passed away.

After the seventh worshiping ceremony of singer Phi Nhung, Manh Quynh regained her spirit and gave an interview for the first time about her feelings of losing a close friend and her current life.

How do you deal with sadness when a close colleague dies?

This sadness is hard to get rid of. Every time I stand on the stage, the memory of her comes back and I can’t help but feel empty. Many viewers advised me that if I want to overcome sadness quickly, choose a new song, not sing the old song with both. I think so too and will change slowly. In the past, when I went on stage, I often prayed to my ancestors, my grandparents helped me to perform well, now I remember Phi Nhung to hope to sing until I can’t walk anymore. That is also her wish for the profession when she is alive and I will do it for her.

In addition, I regret that in recent years I have not taken advantage of the time to carry out the projects both planned. Due to my own hesitation, the liveshow filming to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the duet at the overseas stage, the album containing the songs I composed was unfinished.

* Manh Quynh wrote a post to say goodbye to Phi Nhung

Phi Nhung and Manh Quynh are judges on a game show in 2019. Photo: Facebook Quynh Manh Nguyen

Phi Nhung and Manh Quynh as judges on a game show in 2019. Photo: Facebook Quynh Manh Nguyen

How does his wife encourage him when he loses his soulmate?

Cam Dieu comforted and encouraged me a lot. In the days when I was lying in bed when I heard that Phi Nhung had passed away, my wife let me be quiet and not disturbed. When I regained my spirit, she told me to consider Phi Nhung as having paid off all my earthly debts and resting in the Buddha realm, advising me to be strong not to be depressed because I still have work and family. right worried. Previously, Cam Dieu understood and sympathized with the intimate relationship of her husband and Phi Nhung, so she let me freely share everything with the late singer. She also told me to find a way to fly to California to attend the funeral of my best friend for the sake of gratitude.

In life, Cam Dieu and I take care of children and house. However, she was not interested in my singing. I make my own decisions and accept all joys and sorrows in the profession.

Manh Quynh with his wife and two children in 2017. He married his wife Cam Dieu in 2004. Photo: Facebook Quynh Manh Nguyen

Manh Quynh with his wife and two children in 2017. He married his wife Cam Dieu in 2004. Photo: Facebook Quynh Manh Nguyen

– What do you do to preserve your marriage after 17 years of marriage?

– Going to sing a lot, I still spend time with my family, taking care of my two children with my wife. At the end of the show, I went straight home instead of loitering, gathering, avoiding bad things, affecting my wife and children. At times of disagreement, I actively yielded to my wife so that everything could be peaceful. Now, I’m not like when I was younger, but I’m full of flowers or flutter in front of anyone. Losing a close friend, I have learned that life is impermanent and must appreciate what I have.

Manh Quynh: 'My wife cooks boiled eggs the best'

Manh Quynh: “My wife boiled eggs is the best”. Video: Mai Nhat – Tan Nguyen

How is your day with your wife and children?

– My wife does administrative work, so I’m busy on weekdays, I’m only busy singing on Saturday and Sunday. Every morning I wake up early to cook, take my children to school, pick them up at noon, and go to the kitchen to make dinner in the afternoon. When my wife and children go to bed, I just enter the composing studio, that is a quiet and private time for me to focus best. If I run the show, I will notify Cam Dieu of the schedule so that she can arrange the work and take care of the children on my behalf.

The first son – Alex – is now 15 years old and the second youngest – Evan – is 12 years old. Both are obedient and listen to their parents, so we don’t have to work hard in teaching. Cam Dieu raised her children very well, from time to time I reminded them to be kind, upright, not deceitful or lying. The two also worry about Evan and Alex’s future by setting aside some of their savings to go to college without having to take out a bank loan. We don’t want our children to work hard to pay that debt later.

My income from singing is stable, enough to take care of my wife and children. My family lives in a house in Vancouver city, Washington state, property acquired after many years of accumulating to settle down. Many people say that my house is worth hundreds of billions of dong, but that’s not the case. I live a light, simple life. After tiring days of going to the show, I often go to the garden to enjoy the fresh air, that’s enough for me.

– How is your singing job?

Last year, the epidemic broke out in the US, so almost all of the year I didn’t go to sing, so my income was more or less affected. This year, I run the show three or four times more than before. From November to the Lunar New Year, my singing schedule is empty for a week. Perhaps after a while at home because of the epidemic, everyone’s entertainment needs increased. I try to work because at the age of 50, there is not much time left.

I also don’t have too many aspirations in my career. I just hope the audience still loves and wants to hear Manh Quynh’s singing so that I have the motivation to stand for a long time on the stage. Currently, I have composed more than 100 songs, made my own music and sang. I think if I can no longer sing in old age, I can still inspire young people’s love of music through my works.

Singer Manh Quynh Manh married his wife Cam Dieu in 2004. His real name is Nguyen Thanh Dung, born in 1972, loved by the audience with his lyrical voice through the songs Ring of the Wedding Ring (Vinh, The Bridegroom). Pulling mo cau (Vinh Su), Poor love has each other (Dai Phuong Trang)... In recent years, he has returned home to judge many lyrical singing contests.

Manh Quynh real name Nguyen Thanh Dung, born in 1971, is loved by the audience with a lyrical voice, through the songs “Wedding ring”, “The man pulls the mo cau” (Vinh Su), “Poverty love has each other” “ (Phuong Trang Radio)... In recent years, he has returned home to be a judge of many lyrical singing contests. Photo: Character provided.

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