Many places postpone or cancel pick-up when Hanoi becomes a golden zone

Cruises in Ha Long must stop to pick up guests according to regulations, hotels in Sa Pa… receive cancellation and refund requests.

Hanoi is the main tourist market of the northern provinces, especially in the new reopening period. But from November 1, when Hanoi updated the new epidemic level on a city-wide scale from green to yellow, many tourists canceled their trips, and businesses were forced to stop welcoming guests. There were groups that could not enter Quang Ninh province.

Mr. Pham Ha, Chairman of Lux Group, said that in the first week of November, his company had to cancel two groups of tourists from Hanoi to rent a yacht package in Ha Long Bay (Quang Ninh) on November 3-4 and November 6-7. . The reason is that according to the latest regulations, Quang Ninh province only allows picking up guests in the green zone (level 1) and has not yet had a document guiding the yellow zone. The company must negotiate for the customer to change the date and continue to advise other delegations.

Marketing Director of Best Price Travel Company, Bui Thanh Tu, said that he is facing a similar situation. The company now has to convince Hanoi guests to book a boat tour on November 6 to change the date. “According to the plan to welcome guests issued on October 28, Hanoi people, then in the green area, can comfortably go to Quang Ninh province. When Hanoi moved to the yellow zone, there was no guidance, so we did not know the answer yet. How are the customers,” said Mr. Tu.

Tourists make medical declarations when visiting Ha Long Bay in early October. Photo: Minh Cuong

Tourists make medical declaration when visiting Ha Long Bay in early October. Photo: Minh Cuong

Previously, Quang Ninh province planned to open domestic tourism from November 1 and encourage guests who have received the Covid-19 vaccine to go on a package tour. According to the guidance of the Tourism Association, the province is allowed to welcome visitors to the green zone (level 1), not to mention other regions. Mr. Pham Dinh Huynh, deputy director of the Ha Long Bay Management Board, said that until now, Quang Ninh province has no official guidelines on welcoming foreign tourists.

Therefore, representatives of businesses admit that they are confused by local regulations and have difficulty in advising customers. The business is still wondering what will happen to customers coming from the risk area (yellow) but has not yet received any answers from the locality. In the meantime, accommodation facilities and yachts still have to spend money to stabilize, train personnel and promote, which is expensive. Since intra-provincial tourism reopened, the number of visitors to the bay has not been much.

Similar to Quang Ninh, tourism services in Lao Cai also have some problems in picking up guests. There was a plan to travel to Sapa on November 6-8, but Ms. Thu Trang (Hanoi) canceled the room because she actively complied with local regulations. According to the temporary guidance of the Lao Cai Department of Health, the place where she lives is Trung Hoa (Cau Giay) is in the yellow zone, even though she has had enough vaccines, when she arrives in Lao Cai, she will have to self-monitor her health at home for 7 days. Thus, affecting the vacation plan of the whole family.

Ms. Huong Thao, owner of Nomadtrails Boutique Sapa hotel, said that most of the bookings made this week have been cancelled. The reason is that the festival “Sa Pa Love Market” has been postponed to November 19-21, the Fansipan cable car has not yet operated again, and also because of the regulations on changing the green – yellow zone of Hanoi, visitors cannot to Lao Cai comfortably. The epidemic is a force majeure, so the hotel must apply a flexible and free cancellation policy for customers.

Mr. Nguyen Hieu, CEO of Vitamin Tours Company, specializing in Sa Pa travel services, also said that this week, about 30% of guests have changed their booking dates and cars. Sapa is in the cold and dry season, so it often attracts many tourists to stay and rest, mainly from Hanoi with a schedule of 3 days and 2 nights.

Sa Pa Love Market re-enactment festival was moved to November 19-21.  Photo: To Ba Hieu

Sa Pa Love Market re-enactment festival was moved to November 19-21. Photo: To Ba Hieu

Tourism activities “now open, tomorrow closed” are making businesses no longer interested in investing and also affecting the psychology of tourists. Businesses believe that following regulations is essential, but there must be more detailed instructions. This has also been foreseen by many tourism experts and warned when the pick-up process between localities has not been agreed.

In a seminar on tourism at the end of October, Mr. Vu The Binh, Standing Vice Chairman of the Tourism Association, suggested that localities open tourism in the green areas, welcoming guests who have had enough doses of Covid-19 vaccine. and tested negative for nCoV. From Covid-19, businesses also need to consider how they should transform to fit the new normal situation, with lessons learned about governance, business management and administration. ..

Lan Huong

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