Mirror labyrinth in a penthouse

IsraelMirrored surfaces reflect natural light and create a sense of larger space in this atrium in Tel Aviv.

Apartment of 62 m2 (excluding balcony) in Tel Aviv is the residence of a single guy. Homeowners want a modern and stylish place to rest after stressful working hours.

Each floor of the apartment is about 30 m2, initially not meeting the needs of the owner, but has the advantage of many windows.

To make the most of natural light, the design team removed the partition and placed a series of mirrors inside the apartment.

Most of the walls, cabinets and storage spaces are fitted with external mirrors.

As a result, the house is brighter and looks twice as large.

A special highlight of the project is the guest toilet, located next to the entrance to the apartment.

It is designed as a mirror maze, covered with mirrors inside and out to bring surprises and unique experiences to visitors.

According to the homeowner’s taste, the interior of the house uses concrete materials, glass mirrors, leather and transparent plastic.

The second floor is the rest area of ​​the homeowner, so it should add more “soft” materials such as wood and linen.

The wardrobe and toilet in the bedroom are also mirrored, creating synchronization with the space below.

Compared to the old design, the master bathroom is enlarged and separates the toilet from the shower area.

Outside the bedroom, the balcony is about 30 m2 wide with green trees to increase the vitality of the building. This is also a place for homeowners to relax when the weather is nice.

Construction to be completed in 2021.

Thu Nguyet (Follow ArchDaily)
Photo: Itay Benit

Design: Yael Perry Interior Designer

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