Mom is the source of inspiration for me to live and move on

Beloved mother! It’s been a long time since I sat down to talk to my mother, you must be very angry with me, right? It is also true because I am a filial child to my parents.

Winter is here, is it too cold in that far place, does the pain of stomach disease make you uncomfortable, will you still vomit if you eat it? I miss and care for you very much. It’s been almost five years that I haven’t seen my mother in the flesh in this life. Sometimes I am lonely, sad, lost, but I don’t know who to talk to, to whom to confide. When I was still a mother, every time I felt pressure or failure, I would run back to be comforted, encouraged and shared by my mother. Then I have the motivation to keep going. Now it’s only me, sad, happy, lonely, and under the pressure of life; perhaps there is no greater sadness than the absence of a mother.

Over 40 years in this world, when I was still a mother, were the happiest days of my life. With a mother, just eating vegetables and eating porridge makes me happy. Now that I have lost my mother, I understand more and more clearly the sentence: “Falling father eats fish and rice, losing mother lies in bed”, how painful and bitter it is. Every time I think about the pain that tormented my mother, my heart breaks. I wanted to endure that pain, but I couldn’t. Now in that far away place, you are no longer in pain, not sad when you are both our father and mother. Reuniting with father and son after more than 30 years apart, are you happy?

Even though 10-20 years will pass, you will always be in my heart, an endless source of motivation for me to live and move on. I love and miss you so much, my dear mom!

My son

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