My girlfriend is angry because I don’t reply to messages right away

I am the guy in the article: “Happiness with a boyfriend 6 years younger”. Today, my girlfriend sent me the link to the article, I have carefully read your comments.

Thank you, thanks to sharing, my new girlfriend can open up to me again. This weekend, with some free time, I would like to write an article to share my love story for everyone to have a more comprehensive view.

Girlfriend summary: I am a very good girl, extremely dedicated to everyone, always putting the interests of others above my own. I’m not cunning, I’m always willing to help anyone and never give credit, I don’t even remember when I’ve done something good. Everyone who meets me loves me. I have a kind heart when I leave all my assets to my ex-husband even though he is wrong. Her current business is facing many difficulties due to the impact of the epidemic, but she does not agree to receive my help even the smallest. I love you even though you are older and have experienced a failed marriage.

When pursuing, I did not easily get her nod of approval. She worried about me, wondered about all kinds of things, even I brought my mother close to where she lived and told me to talk to her as a friend, but she also refused. I said I don’t want to get married, I don’t need anyone by my side, I don’t need to love anyone because I’m standing strong and very well, I don’t need to hold anyone’s hand anymore. She is worried that I will lose my youth because of her, no matter what, she will definitely not love me. She said she could do anything for me except be a girlfriend. Later, thanks to the encouragement of readers, realizing my sincere heart, she agreed to be my lover. I am very happy for that.

During the time of love, she worried about me little by little, afraid that I would not eat enough, so she cooked the food and sent it in. Whatever was delicious, she also gave it to me. I have to be on duty in the unit; The work of teaching, preparing lesson plans and doing more topics is very busy, and no longer cares about me as much as before. Many times, when I did not reply to messages, I was scolded by her. Perhaps you do not understand the nature of my work, so I always explain calmly, never being harsh. Several times she texted me while I was in class so I couldn’t reply; then at recess there were many important things in our class together (I’m the class president) so I had to text the class group first but sometimes forgot her message. She said I disrespect her so she blocked my messages.

You are an emotional person who wants to connect with me all the time. There was a busy day when I didn’t text her before going to bed, and she scolded me and said goodbye. A few times like that, so I got angry at her, she also disrespected me. There were times when I didn’t contact her for more than a day, wanting her to understand the feeling when I wasn’t by her side, but she acted completely normal. She said she lost all emotions when I competed with her like that, and didn’t want to continue this relationship anymore. Because of love, I find ways to contact you. I know that she truly loves me, just because she is a perfectionist in love, she is difficult to me. Apart from the times when we were angry at each other, we were very cheerful and happy. I laugh a lot, I’m happy, I don’t cry. She is older than me but always lives young and positive, creating more energy for me. She is an introvert, so she only tells me when she has great sadness. My friends always tell me to never know what grief is.

Yesterday, I texted saying I was tired so I couldn’t study, I just left my nick online (we’re studying online) when you call, let me know. I read but forgot to answer, also forgot to call her when she took attendance (but when she took attendance, she was in the class, so I also felt secure). My brother’s messages didn’t reply, but then I was able to text back into the class group (this message is not important) so he got angry again. Although I apologized to her, this time it seemed that I was not forgiven. She said she wanted to calm down to look at this relationship, so I stopped contacting her. I can’t contact you. Today she sent me this link to say that she is too much of a person, let me let go, just like that, both of us will suffer. I know I’m wrong, I can’t let go of your hand, I love you no matter what, but you can’t let me contact you, what should I do?


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