My mother often compares me to ‘other people’s children’

I am a male technician, just started working, graduated at the right time when the epidemic was complicated, so finding a job was difficult.

After submitting my CV, I was invited to an interview by a company. After three rounds of interviews (two face-to-face and one specialized test), I was accepted. The company has eight people, including staff and board of directors. Because I wanted to follow my major and didn’t have much experience, I agreed to work with a monthly salary of 6 million dong. Every day working with me is interesting, I am always ready to do whatever my boss assigns me. I am always the first to arrive to clean the office, make tea, ready to learn to get the job done. My boss and colleagues are also very nice people, they teach me many things at work. My boss creates conditions for me to work and study at the same time, so that’s also lucky for me. The salary is not high, so I tutor on weekends to earn extra income (this job I do for five years to cover my life during university).

Talking to my mother on the phone today, she told me how is it possible to go to university with such a low salary, and then she compares it to “other people’s children” (while not knowing how many years of experience they have), I feel feel very sad. I know no one is stupid enough to sell their abilities cheaply, but just out of college, without much experience, without creating much value for the company, how can they ask for a high salary? I also set a roadmap so that the next 3-5 years can significantly improve my income level. I am sad but not angry with my mother because I know I still have to work hard. I don’t know if everyone who just graduated from school is in the same situation as me?


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