My parents forced my brother to choose a husband ‘for registration’

Many people believe that marrying a husband must be “submitted” to be happy.

Although my family is not a “worldly brooch”, but it also has conditions and education. Parents give us a good education with the desire that their children develop more than their parents’ lives, able to “fly high and far”. Of course, the groom they were hoping for must also be from a similar or superior background to my family.

But I chose a skilled worker as my husband. Although he is not highly educated, his family is not rich, but he is a skilled worker, with a heart and a filial son. He received a lot of orders, often did not finish the job and had to hire more people. Your income is much better than mine. However, he is simple and sincere, not as polished and elegant as other men. I love his gentleness, compassion and hard work. With him, I feel comfortable expressing myself, good or bad, being tolerated and protected by him. Therefore, despite the objections of my family, the derision of the village, I was determined to marry him.

My life is not luxurious but warm and simple. Sometimes people still copy their mouths and look at me with pitying eyes when they know that I have to borrow more money to buy an apartment on installments, and drive a car that is less than 200 million VND. Then they regret, in the past, if I had listened to my parents marry this person, I would be happy now. I don’t care, I’m just afraid that my husband will get hurt or think, but fortunately he doesn’t care.

Tell me I can’t, my parents, brothers and sisters turned to do ideological work for my sister early on, that if they can’t be like me, they have to choose someone who is like my brother and sister, who has a high education, and has a family. honor. My brothers and sisters’ families all have social conditions and positions. My sister is 26 years old, brought up like a lady. That’s why I like to live in luxury and fullness. However, recently, I am having a crush on an ordinary office worker whose family comes from a farmer’s family. My family listens to the wind, so they are trying to prevent and do ideological work for her.

I know with her personality, I can’t stand a simple, normal life, can’t go shopping or don’t travel a few times a year. But love, no one can predict anything. My family urged me to advise her to give up that guy, but to be honest, I don’t know what to advise. It is my choice and I will be the one to bear all the consequences, happy or sad. This time, it seems that my parents are working too hard, determined not to “repetitive politeness”. I feel quite tired and stressed. In addition, although my husband was filial and obedient, my parents still did not open up to him and behaved coldly. Therefore, my wife and I only visit our grandparents on the occasion of the death anniversary and Tet holidays.


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