My sister-in-law makes me suffer a lot

I am 28 years old, teacher, married for almost a year. As great as my mother-in-law and husband are, my sister-in-law is so bad.

My father-in-law died early, I live with my husband and mother-in-law in a 4-storey house, street front in Hanoi. My sister-in-law got married many years ago and bought a small apartment a kilometer away from my parents-in-law’s house. Normally, many daughters-in-law easily conflict with their mother-in-law, but I and my mother-in-law are closer than my biological mother, mother and daughter have many similarities: punctuality, love to cook, go somewhere neat, money is clear. clear that, without judging, not disparaging or using harsh words. My husband is also a civilized person, a week he washes dishes to support his wife four times, he tells me that teaching is very tiring and needs to take advantage of his free time to rest. The issue I want to share is related to my sister-in-law.

During the epidemic season, I taught online, the class was crowded, many shifts, I used a teaching assistant but my voice was still hoarse, there was a peak day when I coughed a lot, had a fever of nearly 39 degrees, but I didn’t like to complain. That day, my sister-in-law came to have lunch (normally on working days, she came to eat with my family every noon), she asked me what to do? I was hoarse so I just looked at her and nodded. My mother-in-law told me that I had a sore throat, and she said: “It’s okay, if you have a sore throat, drink lemon and honey”. I don’t know if I’m sensitive (when I was in high school, I majored in Literature and English) but after listening to it, I felt tears coming out of my eyes, terrible pity.

When I returned to my husband’s hometown, about three hours by car from Hanoi, I tied crushed ginger to my wrist and took medicine, but when I got there, my face was still pale. At that time around 10pm, the mother-in-law brought things to the fourth floor altar to worship, although I was tired, I didn’t say anything, tried to help her move things up, her sister-in-law sat on the phone and played with her six-year-old son. After eating, there were two trays of bowls and nearly a dozen pots and pans that needed to be cleaned, and her sister-in-law stood up and called her children: “Tin!” She decided that she had to take care of the children and avoid washing dishes, while normally her children could play with their father and siblings. I washed all the dishes by myself. I sat alone in the corner of the yard, swallowing bitterness, everyone on the sofa talked happily; At that time, I was very angry with my sister-in-law.

That sadness I only confided to my husband, he was very angry when he heard it. On weekdays, every noon she comes home to eat, my mother-in-law cooks it, I teach online until 11 o’clock and it’s done, she never helps with shoveling rice or putting food on a plate, always sitting and stroking the electricity. waiting for someone else to prepare the food. At the end of the meal, she also sat still, propped her chin and talked in the sky and under the sea, never helping to store leftovers, moving the bowl to the sink. Neighbors told me I had a good mother-in-law; she is psychological, responsible, daughter-in-law does not have to do much; No one knows that the problem I have to face is with my sister-in-law. Am I thinking too much?


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