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My sister instigated me to accept as much of my boyfriend’s stuff as possible

In the middle of the night I had to type these lines because I was so upset, I couldn’t sleep forever. I am the girl in the story: “People compare my boyfriend to brother-in-law”.

My sister visited my grandmother’s family a few days ago. I appreciate that you should share some cosmetics (gifts from my boyfriend, who I am getting to know and getting to know). She told me to try asking my boyfriend how much the set would cost. I said I would ask a friend and then report back to her (I have friends overseas, near my boyfriend). I had to because if I asked my boyfriend, he would definitely buy her a set. I don’t want that to happen, I’m trying not to. I can buy it myself, why bother him. She even told me to give it all away, then my boyfriend would buy me another set. I said I will share it with you, love my boyfriend too. She thinks that, when you are learning, the more “crawl” the better. I was shocked, couldn’t believe that the sister who always loved and cared for me would say such words. My mother also joined her.

I felt disrespected, resentful and dissatisfied with my mother and sister. To this day, the word “bull” and her carefree attitude still echo in my head, which makes me uncomfortable. It feels like my mother and sister grade the people I know by material things. Sometimes it’s really hard for me to be patient, I’m in a bad mood. Please share more so that I can forget this and live happily. Thanks everyone.


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