My wife and I ‘stopped’ with two children to raise them well

I am the author of the article: “Confused about giving birth to a third child when I have enough routines and routines”. I really appreciate your comments.

Some comments said that I was calculating, cruel, and selfish when I planned to have another child to shoulder the disabled child on my behalf. Some people even think that it is unlucky to be reincarnated as our child. Maybe because my story was not fully understood, some readers had such a harsh reaction. Really, the advice to have more children belongs to everyone, not my husband and I.

Honestly, my journey of raising a child with a disability is so arduous that I cannot say all of it here; I just know that there are times when I feel like crazy, frustrated and want to give up everything, then because I love my children, I try again. Although my wife and I are not rich, our children live amidst the love of their father and mother. The fact that people advise having more children is simply because we think that later on when we are old and die, my sister will get married and leave me alone in this world (which is also what makes my wife and I feel sad. , worried). No one said it directly, but I can understand that advising to have more children is like wanting me to create a “tool” to take care of a disadvantaged child. Because we understand that, we love our unborn child (if it is born).

For nearly ten years, my wife and I discussed it and decided not to have more children. We look to Buddhism and understand that children are both a predestined and a karma. In this life, we owe our children, we must try to pay it off. My wife and I actively do good deeds to dedicate to our children. Recently, people have been trying to advise each other, so we wavered. Your recent comments have helped me and my wife become more stable, rest assured to raise two children well. Thank you and VnExpress so much for giving me the opportunity to speak.


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