My wife is idle without helping me with the business

I am 36 years old, my wife is 35 years old, have been married for seven years, have two children aged six and four. My wife and children are living with my parents in the suburbs of Hanoi.

I am a farmer’s son, finished 12th grade, went out early, so my own business developed well. My wife is a Hanoi-born daughter, good appearance, unstable job due to no degree. I think that when I get married, my wife will come back to help me with my work, so I don’t care about her job.

In the first few years after we got married, my husband and I did not have any big conflicts like now. The work we do is very good. Every day, his wife only cooks lunch and dinner, takes notes, and chats with friends the rest of the time. At the end of 2019 and before, I changed jobs because I realized that the old job could no longer be done. I used the accumulated money to invest in building a workshop with machinery for production. I shortened my old job for my wife to do, and by the end of 2020, I couldn’t do it anymore, and there were many conflicts. Working as a workshop takes a lot of investment and takes time, leading to our economy not being as comfortable as before. I’m interested in investing, so I sold my current car and bought a worse car, with more money left over for further investment. I think production will last because it’s original.

The quarrel between husband and wife increased, only revolved around the factory. My wife thinks I’m stupid, always likes to invest without getting anything in return. When this happened, the wife asked for a divorce; and I never said goodbye when arguing with my wife. Due to the influence of many things, my work has not met expectations, has not earned money, sometimes has to compensate for workers’ losses and still has to import raw materials for production.

In those months, his wife worked other jobs, had money, took care of the family and the workshop. Wife never shared with bowl; I don’t know what to do, even if I ask my wife, she won’t say. Sometimes I give suggestions, then I want the husband and wife to openly share but the wife refuses; husband and wife quarrel. On the contrary, I always talk to my wife about everything I do. From the time I opened the factory, I knew that my wife was very lazy, refused to do foot labor for light work, never left the factory. Then I discovered that my wife made money from gambling, both gambling and recording numbers for a group of more than a dozen people. I am allergic to lottery people, I never play myself.

The city just ended the distance, my wife said she invested her own money in one place, no need to do anything, I have to give my wife 20 million dong a month to take care of the family. When I can deliver the goods to the customer, I have to send back the money my wife spent when I had a difficult time such as buying raw materials or paying workers… My work is progressing well again, there are many things in the workshop, more work is needed. whom I do not yet have additional workers. My parents also came to support, called my wife out, but the wife refused. My parents are very upset about this, but since my wife got married, I have never had to listen to a loud word from my husband’s parents. My wife and I have not talked for a week, my wife texted me to break up because she criticized me for not being responsible for my family. What do I have to do now?


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