Neville: ‘Man Utd players turned into robots’

BrotherFormer defender Gary Neville is not satisfied with the stereotypical media image of Man Utd players.

Neville objected to the way Man Utd managed players' social media accounts.  Photo: PA.

Man Utd are facing many problems at the same time this season. Photo: PA.

In a recent interview, Man Utd Communications Director Phil Lynch shared how the club works with players on social networks. He said: “Every player is an individual. Some people want to focus on charity, some take care of their families, others just want football. So our job is to try to understand the storytelling. that they want and support”.

He added: “Twice a day, we analyze the emotional graph of the fans. We have certain thresholds to warn that the emotions of the fans are moving in one direction, possibly because of personal problems. or a player’s on-field performance. When that happens, we work with the player to adapt to that trend.”

Lynch’s revelation met with strong objections from Neville. Above Twitter Personally, the 46-year-old former defender commented: “Make robots on and off the pitch. Kick these people out of Man Utd. They are making fan control sound like an election campaign. “.

This is not the first time Neville has criticized the way players are oriented on social media. In March, he was upset when the England players’ personal pages posted the same content after the victory over Albania. They posted photos with the caption “Mission accomplished”.

At the end of October, when Man Utd lost badly to Liverpool 0-5 in the English Premier League, former midfielder Roy Keane was also dissatisfied with the behavior of the old team players. He thinks they seem fake when they say sorry all the time without showing any signs of improving their performance. “Sorry left, sorry right and sorry in the middle – that’s not cool at all. It’s all fake,” commented Keane. “I’ve heard Maguire’s words, he’s like a robot. He’s like, ‘Ah, uh, yeah, sorry fans. No emotion at all. I’m fed up with this kind of thing. talk like that”.

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