Old warehouse style home

AustraliaAcquiring a 330 m2 clothing warehouse in Sydney, the childless couple ordered architects to turn it into a home for the family, but must “preserve the old warehouse”.

This house with a colorful façade was purchased by a couple and renovated as a residence after the previous owner defaulted on the debt.

New owners do not have children, want to design an open house, prioritizing quality over area and moderate cost. They also claim to retain the “sense of a warehouse”.

From the owner’s assignment, the design team took advantage of the existing high ceiling of the warehouse to add a mezzanine floor for the project.

In addition, the architects arranged the living space to intertwine with the courtyards.

The courtyards not only create an open house according to the owner’s wishes…

…but also ensure privacy for the couple, separating their lives from the streets outside.

Wanting a warehouse-like space, the building revealed steel details and wooden beams.

Industrial wire mesh commonly found in factories is used for railings.

Small accessories also evoke warehouses like brass faucets.

The interior combines the brown color of wood with the black and gray color of metal.

Homeowners also choose blankets and pillows to match the house space.

In addition to the façade, the owner and a local artist made a full wall graffiti. From a warehouse, the building becomes a work of street art.

The house will be completed in 2021.

Thu Nguyet (Follow ArchDaily)
Photo: Katherine Lu

Design: Durack Architects

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