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Pack 200 items in a suitcase

The female travel blogger packed 200 items to serve 4 people in a suitcase for travel, weighing no more than 20 kg.

Karen Edwards, 35 years old, is the founder of travel blog Travel Mad Mum. In addition to posting photos of her trips, she also shares tips on how to organize things neatly. One of these has a way of packing 200 items for 4 people into one suitcase. The interesting thing is that even though the suitcase was fully packed, it still did not exceed the limit of 20 kg of checked baggage.

Karen Edwards with her husband and two children on a vacation in Spain earlier this year.  Photo: Instagram/Travel Mad Mum

Karen Edwards with her husband and two children on a vacation in Spain earlier this year. Photo: Instagram/Travel Mad Mum

Karen stacks her youngest son’s diapers in the bottom of her suitcase before putting everything on top. Then there is each member’s bag. Each person is a different color for easy identification, and assigning a bag to each person will help limit overpacking.

The female blogger said that you should pack things as tightly as possible, as well as roll some things like clothes, towels… to save space. To bring as little clothes as possible but still enough, you should choose items that look simple but still polite. This makes it possible to visit entertainment destinations, but is still suitable when visiting formal places.

Tips for packing 200 items in a suitcase

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With shampoo, shower gel, instead of bringing the whole big bottle, extract them into small bottles. Cables, phone chargers or other small items, put them inside the shoes.

The trick that Karen loves to use the most is to put her clothes in a vacuum bag. These bags will then deflate, giving you more space in your suitcase.

200 items Karen has packed into the suitcase, including items for 2 children and parents. Children’s wear includes: 4 swimwear, 2 pairs of shoes, 11 tops, 7 jumpsuits, 3 dresses, 5 shorts, 2 long sleeves, 3 pants, 2 sunglasses, 4 pairs of socks, 14 pieces of underwear, 4 plastic bibs (used to light the chest for young children when eating), diapers, two boxes of wet wipes, 2 small stuffed animals, two tableware, 4 books…

Adult includes: 3 dresses, 5 pairs of shoes, 4 shorts, 4 swimwear, 14 tops, 14 pieces of underwear, two bras, 4 pairs of socks, 3 pants, 2 sunglasses, a necklace, 2 specialized travel bags, 4 towels, fan, beach bag, pain reliever and fever reducer, thermocouple, comb, hair straightener, first aid bag, 4 tables toothbrush, adult and children’s toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, skin care, two types of sunscreen, sun release cream (the type used to restore skin after sunbathing), hand care, lip balm, shaving cream, razors for men and women, rechargeable phone batteries…

Lydia Mansel, who runs the packing guide website Just Packed, advises getting ready to pack two weeks in advance of the holiday. This helps you not to miss important items.

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