Puzzle: Explain the case of fingerprints on the stone

Make inferences from the data to find out the culprit in the fall and the motive for killing your best friend.

Question 1: Police received a call that millionaire Jones had just gone missing. When the police arrived, they questioned the maid, the millionaire’s wife, and the driver.

The maid said: “When Mr. Jones went jogging, he asked me to prepare breakfast. I quickly did what was asked. It has been more than three hours and he still hasn’t returned.”

The wife said: “I saw him this morning, but I was busy so we just exchanged a few words and went to work.”

The driver said he was playing on his phone while waiting for his boss in the car.

Guess who was involved in the millionaire’s disappearance?

Puzzle: Explain the case of fingerprints on the stone


Verse 2: The body of a man named Adrian was found at the bottom of the cliff. He wears hiking boots, gloves, a jacket, and thick wool pants.

James, who went hiking with the victim, said: “When I returned to the tent to prepare for dinner, I saw Adrian and Lala arguing. They had been dating for a few years and often quarreled. I did not want to get involved. so he hid behind a tree. Suddenly, Adrian picked up a rock and hit Lala hard on the head. Then Adrian accidentally spotted me. He panicked and ran away forgetting that that direction was the cliff so he fell.” .

The police examined the stone that killed Lala and found Adrian’s fingerprints on it. But they arrested James. Why?


Question 3: Marina and Nadia are two single friends living in the same house. Marina 27 years old, is a hairdresser. Nadia is 30 years old, works at the library. One day, an acquaintance of the two, Valentine, 35 years old, was murdered in a store near their home. The two girls rushed to the scene at the same time as the police.

Marina was deeply moved by Valentine’s death. She sobbed and was comforted by the policeman. On the contrary, Nadia must try to suppress her happy mood because she is in love. She didn’t even look at her friend in distress. However, one thing upsets Nadia: She doesn’t have the phone number of the boy she loves.

The next day, Marina is murdered. The culprit is Nadia. Why did Nadia do that?

Puzzle: Explain the case of fingerprints on the stone - 1


Question 4: The owner of the restaurant “Paraíso Vegano – Vegetarian Paradise” called the police because someone had attacked their chef, causing him to be hospitalized. Restaurant owners suspect competitors of sneaking up on people to disrupt their business.

When police arrived, they found three people on the scene at the time the chef was knocked unconscious. Sous chef No. 1 said he was cutting onions, tears kept flowing and his eyesight was impaired so he couldn’t see anything. Sous chef No. 2 said that he was listening to music while cleaning the shrimp, so he didn’t hear anything out of the ordinary. The waitress said she was serving lemonade outside.

Who is the liar?

Puzzle: Explain the case of fingerprints on the stone - 2


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