Should you install solar power at home in the rainy season?

Installing a household solar power system in the rainy season may have limitations in efficiency, but there are also some advantages.

Mr. Phan Tuan (Quang Tri) said that he is considering building a solar power system with a capacity of about 3 kWp for lighting purposes and some other needs in the family. However, he wondered whether to deploy this month or wait a few more months, because his place is currently in the rainy season, there may be limitations when construction.

In fact, this is also the concern of many people who are intending to use solar power. On social networking groups, the topic received great attention.

Workers are constructing a rooftop solar power system in Da Nang during bad weather.  Photo: Nguyen Hiep

Workers construct rooftop solar power systems in Da Nang during bad weather. Photo: Nguyen Hiep

Mr. Ngo Thu, who has more than 5 years of experience in implementing solar power projects and currently works for a company in Ho Chi Minh City, believes that safety and construction efficiency are important factors if choosing to build a solar power plant. build a solar power system in the rainy season.

“Construction in unfavorable weather conditions or unexpected rainstorms can hinder progress, or damage equipment,” said Mr. Thu.

However, according to him, performing this season has certain benefits. Due to the low season for the demand for solar power construction, users have many options for equipment, systems, contractors, prices… The construction is also less strenuous for workers because of the weather. not too hot.

Mr. Thu said that the construction at this stage is also more flexible because the contractors are less or less pressured on time, helping to improve the quality of the works due to careful inspection. Users also have more time to test the durability of the construction. For example, with the rooftop solar model, construction in the rainy season will be appropriate to check the waterproofing problem, helping technicians recognize and deal with the problem early.

Meanwhile, Mr. Viet Dung, a technician at a company specializing in renewable energy in Dak Lak, believes that the quality of the construction team will play a decisive role.

“In fact, with current technology, it is no longer worth paying attention to building a solar power system in any season,” Mr. Dung stated. “Instead, the quality of the work will depend on the contractor, including the components used, the installation skills of the workers, as well as the calculations on optimizing the receipt of solar radiation.”

According to him, checking system performance is the most difficult point when installing solar power equipment in the rainy season. “At this time, the number of hours of sunshine and the amount of heat radiation is not high, the system cannot maximize its power generation capacity,” explained Mr. Dung.

However, this expert thinks that installing early can help users test their systems before reaching full capacity in the summer. In fact, even when there are low hours of sunshine, the amount of electricity generated by solar cells is about 60-70% compared to the peak sunny season, so users still have electricity to live.

With the above reasons, both Mr. Thu and Mr. Dung affirmed that users can build a solar power system whenever they want, just need to ensure the safety of construction.

“Normally, the time to install a household solar power system is about a week. Therefore, it is only necessary to properly calculate the time and monitor the weather forecast to avoid rain and storms,” ​​advised Mr. Thu. . “In the event of unexpected rainstorms, construction may be temporarily suspended to ensure safety.”

According to Mr. Dung, users need to choose a reputable contractor, meet the set schedule, ensure the quality of the work and the warranty after installation is good, to prevent problems that may occur during transportation. onion.

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