Solskjaer returns home

BrotherThe Man Utd coach and his family returned to Norway amid the increasing pressure for dismissal in Manchester.

On the afternoon of November 8, Ole Solskjaer, his wife and two sons were present at Manchester airport. He chartered a private jet to return to Kristiansund, Norway.

Solskjaer and his family will enjoy a short break during the time the clubs are not playing. He is expected to return after about a week to prepare for the match against Watford in the Premier League on November 20.

Solskjaer and his two children arrive at Manchester airport.  Photo: Sun.

Solskjaer and his two children arrive at Manchester airport. Photo: Sun.

According to the sheet AthleticsMan Utd leadership still believes in Solskjaer. They think the dismissal now is too early for the coach who helped the club finish second in the Premier League and reach the Europa League final last season.

Meanwhile, public opinion continues to exert pressure. On November 8, former teammate Rio Ferdinand thought it might be time for Man Utd to give power to another coach. The former England midfielder also affirmed that philosophy or identity does not exist in the current “Red Devils” play.

Man Utd has just spent a series of salt days in the English Premier League. They have only won one of the last six matches, drawn one and lost four. In the last four matches at this tournament at home, Man Utd lost to Aston Villa 0-1, drew Everton 1-1, lost to Liverpool 0-5 and lost to Man City 0-2.

From being considered a title candidate, Man Utd fell to sixth, nine points behind the leader Chelsea and five points behind the Top 4.

Thanh Quy (follow Sun, Athletic)

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