Suspicion of boyfriend when in long distance relationship

I experienced a boat ride, raising two children; He is a virgin, has been through a few relationships but with no good results.

My boyfriend and I are both 37 years old, born and raised in the same district on the outskirts of Hanoi, attending the same school in different classes. He pursued me for more than a year, we have been dating for 10 months. I am a preschool teacher; He is a lecturer at a military school, studying a major outside the military, so he is very busy.

I love and trust him, but I keep wondering that he is too busy, sometimes I don’t know if he is really busy or not. We have not yet returned to the same house and he is also living in the unit. We are in a long distance relationship, in regular contact, sometimes online, but he doesn’t reply to messages, making me sad and reproachful. A few times like that I felt unappreciated. I also made it clear to him about this, that he gradually changed although he still made mistakes from time to time; The two of them still argue about this from time to time. He often said his job was very busy, but I couldn’t imagine how busy it was, so I kept wondering.

He works late, so by convention, when he sleeps, he will text me and say good night. Sometimes he forgets to text because he falls asleep after work or works all night until morning, every time I feel that he has not placed me in an important position in his heart. If I don’t sulk, he’ll act as if nothing happened, and he won’t even apologize.

His work is very busy, I believe it, he often calls me in the evening to see how he is doing. Once a week I saw his nick saying he was accessing for an hour but not talking to me, maybe he flirted with someone else, also called them to see if he worked like me? I asked and he said he was taking pictures and sending documents. I suppose sending documents can’t take that long. Other days I see his nick online and then log out, it’s normal to hide and appear, then 4-5 hours is not online.

I’ve been sick for the past few days, he still asks me every day, but once at 10 o’clock at night he didn’t ask me any questions. I also didn’t see him online that whole day, when I blamed him, he said he was too busy. Does that mean you don’t care about me?

During the long distance relationship, there were 10 days when he didn’t say he loved or missed me. I feel the love between the two of them fading. We’re still together, but it’s like a responsibility. If I brought up a situation to ask, he would answer: “I still have not loved anyone but you”.

Other than that, we get along very well. He pampered me very much and loved my two children, never being annoyed or angry with me ever. He also often takes advantage of calling me right after class or every night, even texting regularly. If I sulk, he will contact you as soon as possible. We plan to move in together at the end of this year, now we’re in a long distance relationship, so I’m a little skeptical. Am I overthinking? Hope you can give me an objective assessment.


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