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Ho Chi Minh CityThe owner of the tea room suffered a loss to open the music night, the theater stage planned to rehearse until the lights came back on.

On the evening of November 7, the sesame tea room – one of the first music venues to reopen – welcomes a limited number of guests, about 60 people. Mr. Ha Thanh Phuc – the owner – said that when it opened from November 4, the concerts were “sold out” in a row. He said: “Initially, I planned to only do two nights for Van Mai Huong because the singer sang 15 songs each session very tired. Tickets sold out after only 24 hours of opening, I decided to do one more night.” Coming soon, this tea room organized a series of reunion music nights for Phuong Thanh, Ung Hoang Phuc, Trinh Thang Binh…

Singer Van Mai Huong in the concert to reunite the audience on November 4.  Photo: Red Phuc

Singer Van Mai Huong in the music night returned after loosening the distance, on November 4. Photo: Red Phuc

To ensure the safety of epidemic prevention, musicians and staff must all receive two shots of the vaccine or F0 has recovered from the disease. Mr. Phuc said that guests who come to listen to music are checked for green cards (with two injections). For guests with a yellow card (one injection), the tea room offers rapid testing on the spot. As a rule, the music show time frame is promoted early: starting at 19:00 and ending at 21:00, compared to the old time of 21:00 or later.

The owner of the tea room accepts to make up for losses when advertising costs are high, but the number of spectators per night is limited to 50%. Mr. Phuc said: “With such a number of visitors, breaking even is already lucky, let alone profit, but I still open the sale and even reduce the ticket price because I fear that in the long run, the public will gradually lose the habit of listening to live music.” In mid-October, Mr. Phuc closed Cho Gao – a tea room that had hosted many music nights of Tuan Ngoc, Hong Nhung, Le Quyen, Lam Truong… – after many months of struggling with cash and salary. for employee.

Van Mai Huong - "I heard you

Van Mai Huong sang “I heard you’re getting married” (composed by Hua Kim Tuyen) on the evening of November 6. Video: Sesame

Most tea rooms in Ho Chi Minh City such as We, Dong Dao, No Name… have not planned to return. Mr. Duc Huy – owner of No Name restaurant – said that he expected to update the performance schedule in December. He said: “I am not in a hurry because I am worried that the epidemic situation is still complicated, and at the same time I want to explore how the tastes of the audience change after many months of closure.”

Sharing a reserved mentality, many theater stages have not yet closed their opening date, only rehearsing gradually to warm up the atmosphere. Phuong Nam Art Theater has just reviewed the puppet play Womb. The work tells about a mother’s journey to find her child, combining puppetry, music and light. The play was originally intended to be performed during the Mid-Autumn Festival, but it was postponed due to the epidemic. The theater is also finishing the water puppet show Hero Nguyen Trung Truc. Tran Huu Trang’s Cai Luong Theater practice books Headwind (adapted from the drama of the same name), the content praising the love of people in the West, is scheduled to take place in December. The play Aspirations for tomorrow – revolving around the story of building Metro line No. 1 in Ho Chi Minh City – will also be put on the practice floor to be performed next month.

Unlike state-run stages, many private shows have not yet practiced new plays to sell tickets. My Uyen – stage director of 5B – said that opening the door at this time is not feasible because it is limited to 50% of the audience. Many catwalks are short of manpower, due to the recent epidemic, young actors have to return to their hometowns. Some switched to shipper, online sales… because they no longer had income from acting. Many other “electors” are also worried about the future of the socialization stage. Hong Van predicts that it will take about half a year after the new normal period for the stage to be crowded again.

Some catwalks are still “immovable”. Artist Thanh Hoi – co-founder of the stage Hoang Thai Thanh – said: “I think the loss and grief caused by the epidemic is still there, few people are in the mood to buy theater tickets at this time. We are waiting. Until the New Year, we will re-open to serve the public”.

Some units are practicing for the National Theater and Drama Festival 2021 (the second phase is for groups in Ho Chi Minh City, expected early next year). Artist Hong Van quickly prepares two plays, namely Fork and House on the boat. She said that she focused all her energy on the stage because in January 2022, she had to go to the US to take care of her first grandchild. Hong Van said: “I invite young artists to play in two plays because I want to give this playground to them to have ‘land’ to use martial arts”.

Artist Hong Van worships the opening ceremony of new plays in early November. Photo: Provided by characters

Artist Hong Van worships the opening ceremony of new plays in early November. Photo: Characters provided

From the beginning of May, stages in Ho Chi Minh City were closed when the epidemic broke out again. Many catwalks such as 5B, Phu Nhuan, Idecaf, Young World no longer have revenue, some “elect” to pay out of pocket to feed the staff. Artist My Uyen, Mr. Anh Tuan – director of Idecaf Drama – had to mortgage their house and hold a red book to pay bank interest. From the beginning of October until now, after easing the distance, the stages have not yet scheduled to resume operations. On the afternoon of October 24, Ho Chi Minh City announced the epidemic level in 22 districts. At level 1, museums, exhibitions, libraries, cinemas, cultural, physical training and sports performance venues are allowed to operate. Levels 2 and 3 reduce capacity, number of attendees. Level 4 stopped working.

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