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Tech Awards 2021 kicks off from November 22

Tech Awards 2021 takes place in the next two weeks and has some changes compared to the previous year.

Tech Awards 2021 is divided into two stages: the Preliminary round lasting 9 days from November 22 to November 30 and the Final round from December 2 to December 23.

In the first round, readers will participate in voting for 83 products, services, platforms and 47 smart home and household brands nominated by the Organizing Committee, divided into three contents: Digital products, Trade household brands and Vietnamese brands.

The nominated products are all officially introduced and sold in Vietnam market in 2021. These are products with new and outstanding technology, confirming the trend of the year and forecasting technology trends. year 2022.

This year, in the Vietnamese Brand section, the Organizing Committee added the category of Excellent Vietnamese Household Brand and Online Meeting and Learning Platform.

In each category, each reader, corresponding to an ID, can only vote for one product. The products and brands that are voted the most by readers will go on to the final round.

In the Final Round, the ranking is calculated based on 40% of readers’ votes and 60% of the judges’ evaluations. The jury – made up of reputable technology experts and journalists in Vietnam – will score according to separate criteria for each category.

Tech Awards night stage.

Tech Awards night stage.

Last year, Tech Awards 2020 featured 68 products and 29 brands competing. Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G was honored in the category of Excellent phone, while Vsmart won three awards: Phone leading the technology trend, Best feature phone and Excellent Vietnamese phone.

In the Super Apps category, Momo had a close victory over two rivals VinID and Shopee. Meanwhile, Lumi received the highest score in the category of Excellent Smart Home.

Apple MacBook Pro 13 wins Best Laptop award. Samsung TU8500 was named in the category of Best TV and Best Home TV. Apple Watch Series 6 won Best Smart Watch, and Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 won Best True Wireless Headphones.

Excellent brands of refrigerators, air conditioners, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, water purifiers and washing machines belong to Samsung, Daikin, Sharp, Electrolux, Kangaroo and LG, respectively.

In addition to the main awards, Panasonic also received the Refrigerator with the most effective sterilization technology, Aqua was awarded the most popular universal washing machine, while Karofi was certified as the most impressive Smart Water Purifier. .

Overview of the Tech Awards 2020 ceremony

Overview of the Tech Awards 2020.

Tech Awards – Excellent Technology Products is an annual voting program of VnExpress Digitize, has been held since 2012. Since 2018, the Tech Awards program has had two more major events: Technology Forum – discussing emerging technologies and will be popular during the year – and Product Exhibition – where companies show demonstrate solutions, smart connected devices.

2021 is the 9th year of Tech Awards. The side event My Loved Products was kicked off in August with 11 weeks of themed voting and 10 Tech Talks.

The Tech Awards 2021 is expected to take place in early January 2022 in Ho Chi Minh City.

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