The age of 20 carries many concerns

I have many friends, trusted and loved by teachers. Although there are many things, I have feelings that I don’t know how to tell anyone.

I am 20 years old, a second year student at the University of Foreign Languages ​​in Da Nang. Initially, he lived in Ho Chi Minh City but unfortunately suffered from a rare disease, so his family moved to Da Nang to settle down to be more convenient in treatment. Since the day I returned to this beautiful city, I have become more open from being self-deprecating.

What I fear most is that my parents are almost 50 years old, I am the eldest brother, so I will definitely shoulder a part of the family responsibility after graduating from school, taking care of my brother’s education. While I’m not smart at all, I don’t learn much, I’m extremely slow, I don’t look good, I don’t have height. To become a student, I had to work 3-4 times more than my peers; I am very happy for that.

However, when I entered university, I realized that I was inferior to many people, in an environment where everyone was beautiful and talented, which partly put a lot of pressure on me. Besides, I am afraid because of everyone’s fakeness, seeing everyone for my own benefit, refusing to think and help others, friends in a social relationship make me feel constrained and difficult. bear. I helped many friends in my class, helped them get good grades, and then when I needed support, I only received indifference and silence. I don’t blame them for that, just realize I’m a bit selfish; helping you get a high score while I’m not as high as them is sad.

I give so much but receive nothing in return. She lends you money during your difficult times, then loses both you and your money. I spend time helping others, but when I make mistakes, they forget all the things I gave. I used to hate and resent the unfair life. Later, after experiencing some events in life, I learned one thing: Before judging someone, I must always look at myself to see if I have lived properly, have offended anyone, why people? Treat yourself like this?

I finally realized that everyone has a good side and a bad side, before I thought I was pretty but I’m not. I have many bad habits such as: selfishness, jealousy, laziness… Many times I hurt others but never realized it. I understand that the problems I have to face are not caused by other people, but by myself. I learned to be grateful, to give without receiving, to love myself. I will still be me, trying to study no matter what.

My dream is to become a good person so that I can help others develop themselves and help poor people have a less difficult life. My further goal is to create a world where everyone loves each other, everyone has something to eat and wear, and there isn’t any suffering in this world. I hope that in 20 years I will be able to do it, otherwise I will also have to become a useful person to society. “Do your best, I’ll do it.”


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