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The beauty of the granddaughter of the oil billionaire family

Ivy Getty – grandson of the Getty oil billionaire family – has an oval face, blonde hair, and likes classic lady-style clothes.

On November 7, model Ivy Getty married Austrian photographer – Tobias Engel – in San Francisco, USA. She wore a wedding dress designed by John Galliano, created from four layers of thin, embroidered fabric. Photo: Vogue

The outer layer of the dress impresses with a floral pattern created from mirror pieces. The beauty completed the look with a see-through chiffon scarf nearly 4 meters long and a custom-made crown. Photo: Vogue

Ivy and Tobias have been dating since 2018 when they regularly attended Paris Fashion Week. After their engagement in August 2020, they bought a house in New York to live together.

Born in 1994, Ivy Getty is the only daughter of John Gilbert Getty – nephew of British-American oil tycoon Jean Paul Getty. After her father passed away last November, Ivy inherited a portion of the family’s $5 billion fortune. Follow CNN, Getty is one of the richest families in America from the 1950s to the present. In addition to oil, the family is famous in many other fields. Ivy’s cousin – Mark Getty – is currently the chairman and founder of the popular image media company Getty Images.

Ivy often models sustainable fashion lines. In addition to working in the fashion industry, she is also a painter. The beauty graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Loyola Marymount University. The Getty family has close relationships with many famous people from all walks of life. Ivy Getty birthday party in 2018 had the appearance of US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi, designers Kathy Hilton and Stanlee Gatti.

Ivy impresses with high nose bridge and thick lips. Follow VogueMany people commented that she had a cold, arrogant appearance. Living in silk since childhood, Ivy loves fashion and often wears designer clothes. She also has a hobby of hunting poison at flea markets.

Ivy showed off her classic elegance when participating in Bulgari’s jewelry advertising campaign in September.

The Getty family’s niece showed off her figure while modeling for Awaveawake last April.

Ivy pursues a luxurious and seductive lady style. During the holidays, she prefers simple bikini models instead of one-piece swimsuits.

The model pursues the trend of bandana headscarf and large-framed glasses in the geek chic (nerd) style promoted by Gucci for many years.

In July, Ivy was the VIP guest of the amfAR event. She hit the red carpet in a classic Stephane Rolland outfit consisting of a floor-sweeping off-the-shoulder top and yellow trousers with crystals and pearls.

Ivy Getty attends Paris Fashion Week in 2021

Ivy chose a minimalist style with a pink satin dress, with high-class hair like a lady when attending a fashion event in August 2020.

Daystar (Photo: Instagram Ivy Getty)

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