The confusing parking styles of Vietnamese people

There are many types of unruly parking that you can hardly imagine without encountering.

Monday morning rushed to work, down to the basement, I stood blankly for a while looking at my car and someone else’s car. Instead of turning the car to face out like every other car, the other car parked in the opposite direction. It is worth mentioning that the two driver side doors are so close to each other that I cannot open my car door. I think I can’t get into my car this morning so how did the owner of the other car get out yesterday. It’s hard to understand.

I couldn't get into my car this morning so how did the owner of the other car get out yesterday?

I couldn’t get into my car this morning so how did the owner of the other car get out yesterday?

There was another time, I went to the shopping center, at the weekend, this place was quite crowded and of course the parking lot was almost full. I had to drive around to the 4th basement before I saw a green light in the distance indicating that there was an empty space. Rushing to drive the car, “the joy is over”, a car is parked “in the form” into two boxes, that is, the line dividing the two parking spaces is located in the middle of the other car. Again I don’t understand the purpose of this parking. I had to continue looking for other luck.

Recalling the other day, when meeting a few friends for the weekend, there was a person in the group who was very strict with those who were not on time. When we were sitting near the end of the game, this person came rushing in. Not having time to sit, the friend complained, the parking lot under the apartment building is full of residents, usually self-consciously parking is very lenient and tidy, for some reason, today a car stopped across the way to block my friend’s car. out. Contacted looking around the building but no one accepted their car. In the end, my friend had to take the service car to the appointment.

On this story, another friend said, your house is in a villa area, once your whole family had to call a car to take adults to work and children to school just because there was a 7-seater car in the morning. Black parked across the door. Motorcycles and cars cannot be brought out, even people have to have difficulty to get out.

The parking behaviors I personally consider are very selfish and evil, only knowing their own business without caring about affecting others. Driving together, why don’t these people put the situation of being bothered in order to be more educated and kinder.

Readers Nguyen Ngoc

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