The director of Thu Duc Hospital was arrested

Ho Chi Minh CityMr. Nguyen Minh Quan, 48, director of Thu Duc City Hospital, is accused of colluding with businesses to buy medical equipment and supplies, causing damage to the State.

On November 7, Mr. Quan and Nguyen Van Loi (35 years old, Director of Nguyen Tam Trading Service Production Co., Ltd.) were arrested and detained by the Investigation Police Agency of the Ministry of Public Security. Violation of regulations on bidding causes serious consequences under Article 222 of the Penal Code.

The search warrants for the residence and workplace of the two defendants were also executed yesterday afternoon.

Mr. Quan and Loi.  Photo: Provided by the police

Mr. Quan and Loi. Photo: provided by the police

This move was made by the authorities after the investigation process, determined that Mr. Quan had colluded and colluded with Loi to comply with the provisions of the Bidding Law in the procurement of medical supplies and equipment at the Hospital. Thu Duc City Institute. This act is said to “cause serious damage” to State property. However, Quan’s specific violations have not been announced.

In addition to the above two suspects, the Ministry of Public Security is expanding the investigation, clarifying the violations of the people involved, and recovering assets for the State and the patients.

Mr. Quan has been assigned to be the Director and Secretary of the Party Committee of Thu Duc District Hospital since 2007, when he was only 34 years old. In 2009, this unit was upgraded to a class 2 hospital with 23 specialties. Two years later, Thu Duc Hospital is the only district-level medical facility in the country to be classified as a Grade 1 hospital.

By 2016, Thu Duc District Hospital was among the top 10 hospitals in terms of treatment quality and patient satisfaction in Ho Chi Minh City.

Mr. Quan is considered one of the great contributors to this hospital.

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