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The first person to be saved when the plane crashed

Children will be rescued and brought to the ground first, the captain is always the last to leave.

“Of course children, we will always find a way to get them off the plane first,” said one flight attendant. Others say that, when there is an emergency, their goal is to evacuate guests as quickly as possible, save the most guests, rather than a specific audience. And the captain is always the last to leave because they are in charge of the entire flight.

The first person saved by the flight attendant when the plane crashed

Flight attendants are trained to rescue when the plane crashes. Video: YouTube

In fact, the main job of a flight attendant is to keep passengers safe, then other jobs such as serving food and drinks… And they are highly trained for all emergencies. . When the plane crashes, the flight attendants always know exactly what to do, according to Business Insider.

In order to know what to do, flight attendants are required to complete intensive training courses. Currently, incidents are rare because airplanes are still the safest means of public transport. But even though it’s rare, it does happen. An example is the mid-air engine explosion incident of Southwest Airlines in April 2018. The crew on that flight were praised for their handling of the situation during the emergency landing.

Famous aviator Patrick Smith, who runs a blog specializing in aviation AskThePilot wrote: “The crew did an excellent job that day. That means they did exactly what they were trained to do, what needed to be done and what was planned to do.”

“Passengers often think we’re on the plane to serve food and be polite. We’re well equipped with everything we can to keep you and your loved ones safe on board. emergency,” said Riley, a flight attendant with many years of experience.

“Our job is very dangerous, demanding health and great responsibility for the safety of passengers,” said a flight attendant with more than 23 years of experience.

The job of flight attendants is not easy, when it comes to ensuring safety and dealing with drunk and aggressive guests… No matter what difficulties they face, they continue to provide services. service with smiles. And the fact that they walk along the plane’s cabin is to observe and ensure the safety of passengers, not simply for a walk. Therefore, what flight attendants expect from passengers is an attitude of cooperation, courtesy and respect.

Being a flight attendant is not easy. In a report from Delta Airlines, 150,000 people applied, only 1% were accepted, while the rate at Harvard University in 2021 is 5.2%. Looking at the numbers, many people have humorously said that becoming a flight attendant is more difficult than getting into Harvard, the top university in the world.

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Courtesy on board, passengers will benefit

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