The gang of loan sharks was arrested

Ha TinhNguyen Van Dung (Dung “Ba Scar”) and 3 juniors organized loan sharks, threatened and beat the debtor’s family when they did not pay on time.

Suspects Dung (50 years old), Trinh Cao Cuong (38 years old, residing in Nam Ha ward), Nguyen Chi Thanh (43 years old), Nguyen Hoai Nam (42 years old, residing in Tan Giang ward) are being held by Ha Tinh City Police. criminal, taking statements to investigate crimes Possession of property, according to article 170 of the Penal Code.

Dung three scars (middle) were controlled by the police.  Photo: Provided by the police

Dung “three scars” (middle) was controlled by the police. Photo: provided by the police

In the past few months, Dung’s group has organized loan sharking and debt collection in Ha Tinh city and some areas in the province.

Authorities allege that borrowers mostly know members of the group, have to pay interest in advance and have a limit on the loan amount. If the borrower fails to repay the loan on time, Dung and his juniors will come to the house to threaten, mentally threaten, use force with their relatives to force payment.

On November 5, Ha Tinh City Police mobilized 30 officers and soldiers to divide and destroy this line. Homemade swords, rubber bullets and many books and documents related to loan sharking and debt collection were seized.

The gun was seized by the police.  Photo: Provided by the police

The gun was confiscated by the police. Photo: provided by the police

According to the police agency, Dung is a local “blood brother and sister” with 7 previous convictions and criminal records. Deliberately inflicting injury, Disturbing public order, Robbery, Buying and selling illegal drugs. Thanh and Cuong have criminal records Deliberately inflicting injury, Robbery.

The investigating agency has not announced the specific behavior and the number of loan sharking and debt collection cases caused by Dung’s group.

According to the scout, due to the fear of retaliation, many debtors, when threatened and confiscated, did not dare to report, making the investigation difficult.

Duc Hung

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