The ghostly style house of a Saigon boy

Instead of modern decor items, Mr. Nghia Nguyen decorated the living room with animal bones.

The house is not only a place to live but also shows the personality of the owner. While many young people today prefer modern, minimalist interiors with bright colors, the living space of Mr. Nghia Nguyen (HCMC) exudes a ghostly look.

In the living room of 30 m2, the boy born in 1988 displayed more than 100 animal bone specimens large and small as decorations.

Mr. Nghia said that he has a long-standing hobby of collecting animal bone specimens. For him, this is a way of expressing his love for nature. Instead of leaving the outside and rotting, dead animal bones are brought back to be processed and given new life.

To own more than 100 bone specimens, Nghia spent a year collecting. Not only in Vietnam, he also searched abroad.

The total cost for the collection of bone specimens is about 200 million VND.

According to the owner, preserving the bone specimen is not difficult, just diligently cleaning the dust and keeping the house dry.

On social networks, Mr. Nghia’s post showing off his home has received more than 10,000 likes and more than 1,000 comments.

In addition to the comments expressing interest, many people criticized the house as a horror, not suitable for living.

“I don’t care about negative comments. This style is only in Vietnam and Europe has used it for a long time”, Mr. Nghia said.

Minh Trang

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