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The heart-breaking moment of a girl who has worked hard for 7 years in Saigon

I am female, 29 years old, living and working in Saigon. I’m not writing this post looking for a life partner, just a little bit of heart in need of someone to share.

I have worked in Saigon for nearly seven years, my main job is a banker, besides I manage many other things to make money such as trading, investing in securities and foreign currencies…

My family is purely agricultural, my parents have to work very hard to take care of my education, so I try to study, have two university degrees and work for a multinational company with a high salary. Over the years, I have helped my family quite a lot, raising my younger brother from high school to going to university, helping my parents pay off debts many times with the amount of hundreds of millions of dong.

Recently, my parents have lost business, the amount of debt has increased many times, billions of dong, perhaps have to sell land and house to pay the debt. I am planning to buy back all the land to keep the family property, because it is very difficult to get it back after selling. I bought a piece of land of more than 2,000 m2, intend to buy the remaining 11,000 m2 and will plant fruit trees on it so that my parents still have farming land. I read many articles that don’t care about money or status, I don’t want to, but life forces me to be like that.

In the past seven years alone in Saigon, I often think about how strong I can be. A little girl also needs to be shared, I jog and play sports to refresh my spirit when tired; We tell ourselves we can’t choose how we were born, but we can live differently. I am not pessimistic. Thank you for reading my post.


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