The hydrofoil has a range of 185 km

AmericaThe 150-seat Electra tram uses hydrofoils to reduce water drag by half, increasing speed and saving energy.

The two flaps help reduce the drag of the water when the Electra moves.  Photo: Boundary Layer Technologies

The two flaps help reduce the drag of the water when the Electra moves. Photo: Boundary Layer Technologies

Boundary Layer Technologies, a California-based startup, develops Electra hydrofoils with twice the speed and range of current electric passenger trains, Design Boom on 6/11 reported. The ship can move at a speed of 74 km / h, with a range of about 185 km, thanks to an advanced propulsion system at the rear and two hydrofoils that lift the hull, helping to reduce water drag.

“The hydrofoil technology is key to realizing the electrification of passenger ships. By halving the ship’s drag, the energy requirement is also halved, increasing speed and range. dynamic,” said Ed Kearney, CEO of Boundary Layer Technologies.

The battery pack that powers the Electra has a capacity of 9,000 kWh and can be fully charged in less than three hours (with a 2,400 kW charging system). The battery-powered system reduces cabin noise by up to 20 dB compared to traditional passenger trains, according to Boundary Layer Technologies. Electra is also introduced to still run smoothly in rough seas.

Electra can carry 150 passengers. Not only being environmentally friendly, the ship’s electrical system also helps to save considerable costs. Boundary Layer Technologies estimates that the Electra reduces operating costs by up to 35% compared to passenger ships that consume a lot of fossil fuels.

“We think Electra is an exciting evolution of passenger train technology and demonstrates the potential of reducing the carbon footprint of train operations, thereby enhancing the customer experience,” said Patrick Murphy, company president. Blue & Gold Fleet passenger ship service provider, said.

Boundary Layer Technologies developed the control systems and hydrofoils needed for the Electra. The new model is expected to start operating in the first quarter of 2024 in regions such as the US, Scandinavia and the Mediterranean.

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