The moment the police beat down, took the gun of the robbery suspect

Dong NaiPretending to accept Dinh Ngoc Le Hoang Anh’s family to take him out of the siege, many scouts hiding in the bushes suddenly rushed out to knock down the robber.

Hoang Anh’s long-stocked gun (36 years old, ie Tiger) was taken away by the police shortly after, at noon on November 7. At the same time, dozens of people rushed to control and bring the suspect into the car to the headquarters.

This move was made after 2 hours of armed police of Dong Nai Public Security surrounding the fourth-level house on Suoi Chon Street, Bao Quang Commune, Long Khanh City – where Hoang Anh opened fire and entrenched. He was a suspect in stealing a motorbike and ran away when he was discovered by the police.

Secret police arrest armed robber

The police overpowered the robber. Video: Phuoc Tuan

Before that, the police checked the administration of the motel in Quang Trung commune, Thong Nhat district, discovered Hoang Anh had signs of confusion, and asked to check the papers.

He immediately took the long-shot gun, ran out of the motel, controlled Mr. Dinh Phi Long (53 years old) who was riding a motorbike on Highway 20, forcing him to drive towards Suoi Nho commune, Dinh Quan district. After going about 2 km, Mr. Long stopped the car and ran away, Hoang Anh took the car to go home in Xuan Bac commune, Xuan Loc district. Knowing that the police were chasing him, he said his brother took a truck to hide.

In the area where the truck was headed, many units of the Police of Xuan Loc district and Long Khanh city were mobilized to stop and arrest the robber with a gun. The incident was also reported to the Dong Nai Provincial Police Directorate.

Traffic police teams on roads in two other districts, Thong Nhat and Dinh Quan, were also asked to coordinate in arresting Hoang Anh. Because he kept “hot goods”, which could threaten people’s lives at any time, many mobile and criminal reconnaissance teams were ordered to hide troops along the way the robber fled.

The house where the robber entrenched for more than 2 hours inside.  Photo: Thai Ha

The house where the robber entrenched for more than 2 hours. Photo: Thai Ha

Around 10am, the traffic police patrolling on Suoi Chon street (inter-district Xuan Loc and Long Khanh city) discovered a suspicious truck and asked to stop. Hoang Anh opened the door and ran away, rushed into a nearby house to control the female host, asking for the motorbike key. When he was struggling with the car, the woman ran out into the street shouting and locking the gate. At this time, the police also arrived, surrounding the outside.

Hoang Anh fired more than 10 consecutive shots, breaking the house’s glass door, Thi Uy. Pedestrians fled in panic. The police shot in the air, asking the robbery suspect to surrender.

Armed forces were mobilized to the scene one by one. The special reconnaissance team wearing bulletproof vests was ordered to approach the house. “This is the frontal attack with the main task, if the plan to arrest the suspect is deployed,” a provincial police leader said.

Hoang Anh was sent to search his home in Xuan Bac commune, Xuan Loc district.  Photo: Thai Ha

Hoang Anh was sent to search his home in Xuan Bac commune, Xuan Loc district. Photo: Thai Ha

The house is on one side facing the road, built with closed walls, but the two sides are houses and empty land, so it is not excluded that the robber can find a way out in this direction. Accordingly, the police in the surrounding houses, took all people out to avoid danger, and at the same time made a place to lock the siege. Within a radius of 200 m, the police do not allow any vehicles or people to pass through.

According to Dong Nai Provincial Police, at that time, many approaches to the robber were proposed, giving priority to ensuring the lives of soldiers and people. In addition to the direct crackdown, the functional forces also contacted Hoang Anh’s relatives to call to convince him to give up his gun and turn himself in.

“Inside, he made petrol bombs, threatened to burn houses, asked the police to bring motorbikes, disperse the crowd to open the way for him to escape,” a criminal detective said. After more than 2 hours of campaigning, the police approved for Hoang Anh’s family to “drive home”, the policemen withdrew.

Artifacts seized by Hoang Anh.  Photo: Thai Ha

Artifacts seized by Hoang Anh. Photo: Thai Ha

Around 12:30, seeing his younger brother riding a motorbike, Hoang Anh walked slowly to the gate with a gun in his hand and a petrol bomb in his hand. After looking around for a while, he got in the car. However, when he had just walked about 10 meters, Hoang Anh was knocked down.

At the scene, the investigating agency found many bullet casings, two homemade gasoline bottles. The furniture in the house was destroyed by Hoang Anh. By this afternoon, he was taken to his home and searched.

Hoang Anh has 3 previous convictions Intentionally causing injury, Robbery of property, Theft of property and drug addiction for many years.

Initially, Dong Nai Police investigated him for his actions Robbery of property, Fighting against law enforcement officers and other signs of crime.

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