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The neighbor took out his hatred on the 8-year-old boy

Ha TinhHa Trong Quyet had a conflict with his neighbor Ha Trong Quy, so he killed his 8-year-old son with a knife, then went home to change in the garden and then went to the field to herd cows.

In the evening of October 25, a peaceful village in Trung Thi village, Son Ninh commune, Huong Son district happened when a baby Ha Trong Dat, 8 years old, son of Mr. Ha Trong Quy, died at home alone. Body with multiple injuries.

20 officers from the Criminal Police Department (Ha Tinh Public Security) were sent to Son Ninh commune to coordinate with the Criminal Technical Department and the Huong Son District Police to examine and investigate. Furniture, property is not lost or tampered with. In addition to the two-room four-storey house with blood stains from the steps down to the third level, the scouts did not find any traces that could help identify the suspect. A few sandal prints were recorded, but they belonged to relatives who took the victim to the emergency room.

The special committee determined that the murder took place around 4 p.m. At this time, people in the village go to work in the fields and children go to school. In the countryside, families always have a large garden, and the houses are far apart, so no one hears unusual noises. Screening the entire residential area around, scouts did not find any clues about a suspicious person appearing at the scene at the above time frame.

People gathered in front of the entrance to the victim's house, on the evening of October 25.  Photo: Hung Le

People gathered in front of the entrance to the victim’s house, on the evening of October 25. Photo: Hung Le

The investigative agency held a meeting in the night, making two assumptions. First, this is murder due to a conflict of hatred. Second, crooks break in and steal, and when they are discovered, they are afraid of being exposed, so they kill to get clues.

A police officer shared that he had solved many murders but never had a case this tragic. “I don’t think people can act so cruelly. The slashes all show the loss of life, only someone who has a huge conflict with the victim’s family, or is psychologically abnormal. so,” he said.

The victim’s parents, when working with the investigator, said they did not have such a serious conflict with anyone that they could “vent their hatred” on their child.

Dozens of people with abnormal mental symptoms and drug addiction in the area were questioned by the police, but all had alibi. The special case team immediately turned to investigating petty conflicts in the daily life of the victim’s parents with neighbours. From here, the “knot” of the case is revealed.

Father Dat said a few days ago, when he met Ha Trong Quyet at the banana garden, there was a challenge “if you can carry a banana tree, give 100,000 VND”. However, he then said again: “Your hand hurts and you can’t carry it, let me”.

“We had to ask very carefully, Mr. Quy remembered this incident. Because the conflict was too small,” the investigator said.

Suspect Quyet at the investigation agency.  Photo: Provided by the police

Suspect Quyet at the investigation agency. Photo: provided by the police

After comparing many data, after seven hours, the scout determined that Quyet was the number one suspect. When being summoned, Quyet was calm, giving many alibi, “faking crazy, pretending to be foolish, telling nonsense stories”.

Before 2017, Quyet worked as a worker in Hanoi, then got sick and returned to her hometown to receive treatment at her parents’ house in Son Ninh commune. From here, he became short-tempered, often quarreling with neighbors even in small conflicts. Decided to be unmarried, she usually goes to herd cows.

A police officer shared that fighting people with psychological abnormalities like Quyet often had to be flexible, “not according to the books”. When the suspect told the story “in heaven and on earth”, the investigator also pretended to discuss it to create a response, thereby finding the loophole in his words.

According to the police, although Quyet always “disguised” him with an unstable psychological cover, many acts “denied” him. When taking testimony, Quyet often rolled his eyes constantly, looking from one person to another, sleeping or startled. Stringing together the data, the investigator argued that this person must have done it so seriously that it was obsessive.

On the 7th working day, before the psychological blow of analyzing the investigator’s testimony, Quyet changed his attitude and admitted to killing Dat.

Quyet said, before that he thought that Quy despised each other when challenging each other to carry a banana tree, so he wanted to “revenge” on his son. Around 15:00 on October 25, after driving the cows to the field, Quyet grabbed a knife to find Dat. Near 4:00 p.m., when he saw a boy playing on the street in Trung Thi village, Son Ninh commune, Quyet approached and said, “Go home and lend me a sack.”

Decided to pretend to be crazy many times, making false statements when working with investigators.  Photo: Provided by the police

Decided to “fake mad” many times, making false statements when working with investigators. Photo: provided by the police

According to the results of the investigation, Dat obeyed, just entered his yard, and was murdered by Quyet. At that time, the victim’s parents went to work in the fields, and the sister went to school. After committing the crime, although the two families were about 200 meters apart, Quyet did not go on the main road in the village but took a detour and entered an abandoned house in the village to wash knives. The suspect then crossed the garden of a householder to go home to store the weapon, change clothes, and then go out to the field to continue grazing cows, as if nothing happened.

Ha Tinh police chief said: “Decision showed signs of abnormal nerves at the time of the crime.” To clarify, whether the suspect is neurotic, paranoid, incapacitated for civil acts, authorities are carrying out procedures to send him for psychiatric evaluation. The health sector has not previously recorded that Quyet has a medical history or medical records related to manifestations of mental illness.

On November 2, Quyet was prosecuted, arrested and charged with a crime Killing, according to article 123 of the Penal Code.

According to the investigative agency, after about 2 months, when the examination results show that Decision is not ill, the legal proceedings will follow the order. If the specialized agency determines that the suspect has lost the ability to perceive and control his behavior, the police will suspend the investigation and request the Procuracy to apply compulsory medical treatment.

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